Monday, January 11, 2010


I think I'm officially over Twilight.

*crickets chirp*


I don't know. I mean, all obsessions have to wane eventually, right? I can't love Twilight forever. In fact, I'm getting kind of sick of it. And that's not because of the story or the characters or Stephenie Meyer. Truly, I think the story is a lovely one. But after being in AP English classes and analyzing classic, GOOD, literature, I certainly have matured in my tastes. It was a great tale to read for the sake of immersing myself in a cool little world, but it wasn't really original or clever or mind-bending or intense or thought-provoking. I think I basically fell in love with it because I was immature and a sparkly, chivalrous vampire made my silly little heart go SQUEE. That's about it.
The real reason I've grown tired of it, however, is not because it's a shallow story. I mean, hell, shallow stories are totally fun to read. No, it's because of all the people who are acting like this shallow story is the GREATEST THING SINCE HULA HOOPS. Honestly, I kind of want to tell everyone to grow up a bit, as bitter and mean as that sounds. At the PCA's, Taylor Lautner stole an award for "favorite breakout movie actor" from those like Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Sam Worthington - people who deserved it. He only won it because millions of fangirls were like "ZOMG ABS~!" I was disappointed. The PCA's are nothing special, I know this, but, come on people. Just because Lautner plays a werewolf that you're all fawning over doesn't mean he's an impressive actor. He really isn't. There's walking across the screen like you're hot shit, and then there's successfully portraying the modern, yet still charming reinventions of two of the most famous characters on TV. I'll take the modern and charming ones, thanks. Here, howsabout I make a stupid analogy for what I'm trying to get across: Just because I'm obsessed with chocolate, doesn't mean I'll always choose that over something that is healthy and good for my body. If you didn't already guess, Twilight is the chocolate. It doesn't rule above everything. It's sweet, sure, but when you shake that haze from your mind and take the time to inspect it, what's so great about it? It doesn't do anything for you, other than rot your teeth and give you an ugly sugar high. ;P
The Twilight Saga is nothing more than a collection of momentarily satsifying reads. I've realized that now. They are fun, they are hopeful, they make one smile. But once that wears off, what do you have left? Frankly, nothing. I can ask you what is truly so grand about Twilight that makes it the best thing in the world. You can answer with things like "it's just such a wonderful, romantic story!" and "it gives people something smile about!" and "we get to read about a boy we all wish we had!" Sure, okay. I get it. I had those very same answers. But what's the use of clinging on to those answers as if they mean life or death? Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...but when I think about it again, I'm really not. People are OBSESSED. And I don't get it anymore. I don't get why there are so many people that can't look past it anymore. It's just a silly story! x)
Robert Pattinson isn't a mind-blowing actor. Kristen Stewart isn't a mind-blowing actress. Taylor Lautner's abs may resemble the Grand Canyon, but he's just a kid. Edward Cullen may be a gentlemen, but he also creeps around Bella's room and watches her sleep while he imagines the things that he can do to her, both romantic and, well, OMNOMNOM. Bella may have the strength to put mystical creatures before her own wellfare, but she is just a hormonal teenager who lives in her own bitter fantasy world. These people, these characters, have no real depth to them, and while we can fleetingly love them and relate to them, they aren't memborable for their characters. They're memorable for the fact that they sparkle, stop speeding vans with their bare hands, and say sarcastic things to douches like Mike Newton. I loved it, I did, but I'm over it now. :)
Just something to think about.
If you want something intruiging to read, I've recently fallen in love with Alice Hoffman. She's a genuinely superb writer, and her stories always leave you pondering. Also, I'm reading Invisible Man for school, and it's actually a very interesting book. It's a tale of racism and it's full of fascinating themes and symbolism. Coolstuff, fur shure.
I'm sorry if I offended any of you wonderful people. I know you are all amazing individuals, intelligent, kind, supercool, and I mean that. I know this outburst happened as suddenly as a goshdarn bomb, for just a few weeks ago I was all like "I'm going to continue this blog, don't worry peeps, I still like Twilight!" Well, I gave it some more thought, and I realized that I was trying to hang on to something that meant nothing to me. I don't care if you guys are Twilighters, Twihards, Edworshippers, whatever you want to call yourselves, and I don't care if you continue to obsess over Twilight for years to come. I just wanted to let you know that I've completely and utterly moved onward and am pursuing other obsessions. ;D Maybe I want to try to tell you that Twilight isn't as great as all these fangirls make it out to be and that it doesn't deserve screams that make peoples' ears bleed. I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just being a bitch. That is also a possibility.
I'm not continuing this blog. And if I do, then it will be about other things. I hope you guys don't hate me, because I certainly don't hate you. And I don't hate Twilight. I still see it as a cool story, but nothing more. I don't think I was ever actually obsessed with it, I just enjoyed sharing something fun and squee-worthy with others, and I enjoyed Edweird - I mean Edward, because I'm a boy-crazy, bat-crazy teenage girl. But now that it's blown up into this giant, annoying THING that has people acting like idiots and ignoring the more crucial and meaningful things of the world, I've come to accept that I'm past it. I'm above it. I know that sounds highly elitist, but when there is literature and film out there that is relevant to our ever-changing, ever-problematic world, I'm going to choose that. I know it sounds melodramatic, but it's how I honestly feel.
So, Stephenie Meyer, I hope you enjoyed the love that I gave you for that one foolish tick in my hopefully long and knowledge-filled life, but I am now off to bigger and better things. Don't worry, though. You have a gazillion dollars and a gazillion fans and you didn't even have to go to college for it. ;)

The girl formerly known as Twilighter.

Ha. I love being dramatic.


caitymae1992 said...

Dude I agree completely and full heartedly with you. I may have an Edward and Jacob poster in my room, but that doesn't mean I'm obsesses. It just means that I think they are HOTT! lol. It's a great story, I just think these crazy obsessed people who think Edward is real and ask Rob to bite them need to read something else for a change and fall in love with other amazing characters. =D

You're My Diamond In The Rough said...


fanpire17 said...

i definitely agree with you in saying that the people who truly think they're gonna end up with edward and jacob (even though they're FICTIONAL characters) need to relax and read some shakespeare. no maybe they shouldn't do that either. they'll think romeo will literally come waltzing to their bedroom window as they're reciting syliloques. there's no hope for these people, but in a way we're all obsessed in our own quirky little minds. i'll miss you and your blog, but i think i might be starting a blog of my own. who knows? hope your new obsessions will be just as exciting as this one;D

(p.s. caitymae1992 you are most definitely OBSESSED. don't even think of denying it. lol)

Kyra said...

Hey, girl, I know what you mean. Ive had my share of obsessions too, though not with twilight, and it is always healthier to get over them and look back with intelligence rather than regret. YOu go girl- congratulations on having the strength to break FREE from the crowd, jump off the bandwagon- and honestly, i read the book too, it wasnt all that good.

Salmon Bear said...

Well put, my dear. Eloquently said.

Cheers for a job well done.


B said...

Hey, I'm surely gonna miss your posts on Twilight. I understand what you mean. I guess we all fall in love with Edward the persona, wishing that we'd find our own Edward in real life. All the best to you!

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Lee Ee Leen said...

great post
yes I wonder about those who have crushes on *fictional* characters

Charity Carpenter said...

I got over Twilight once I heard there was a movie coming out.I also concur with everything you have written. Teen books are fun to read when I want something exciting and TV isn't doing it for me. Other than that, Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters trump Stephenie Meyer.

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