Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Wouldn't Mind Hanging This On My Wall

I'd like to treat you all to a beautiful new Edward Cullen poster. =D

He looked good in Twilight, but MY GOODNESS, he looks absolutely angelic for New Moon. *dreamy face* That lovely disarray of hair, those brooding gold eyes, and the pouting lips that look beautiful in a masculine way, not all icky in a "let's-put-red-lipstick-on-a-man" way (that bugged me to no end in Twilight, for serious).
THIS, my fellow Twilighters, is Edward Cullen. Thank you Chris Weitz. Are you secretly a girl? Just wondering, because you certainly know what makes a girl swoon. ;)


fanpire17 said...

rob in this movie looks so much more like the edward i imagined when i read the series. no offense to catherine hardwicke (cause i really like her style) but i like the atmosphere and the look to New Moon a little bit better than Twilight. i just can't wait to see the whole thing rather than snippets. haha

(p.s. i wasn't a fan of the red lipstick either, most women can't pull that look off. why would one think a man can--even if he is a vamp?)

caitymae1992 said...

He looks much more Edward like, but I just don't like the picture. He looks more soft. I guess I could say, put I can't think of a better word. I think that he should look more brooding, then this kind of innocent look, I don't know. Edward to me, in New Moon should be more hard stoned and you should be able to see the sadness, the anger, the pain on his face. This he looks like he's just thinking, rather then thinking intently, about how he just left the girl he loved to save her from him self and his family. But hey we all have our own opinions! :D

:D but yeah Fanpire I can't wait either! :D Oh and I defiantly wasn't a fan of the lipstick either! :D

Miss Sara said...

he sure is perfect hmm?

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