Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Gallery of Evil Vampires

I now present to you some intense, beautiful, magical, disturbing, eerie, terryfing, awesome photos (and photos you've most likely already seen xP) of the Volturi:

Marcus - I love his stoic, unreadable face, which is exactly how Stephenie Meyer described him. And the white makeup is perfect, because it makes his skin look frail and almost translucent, which is another feature Stephenie clearly described.

Alec - He looks like a snooty teenage punk. xD

Aro - People have been complaining about the fact that he isn't dressed in a spooky cloak, but I think the suit kind of fits the personality that Stephenie created for Aro. He's mysterious and graceful, and yet he has kind of a child-like innocence that you can never trust. His facial expression portrays that perfectly, I think. ;D

Caius - Oh my goodness, he looks so...Volturi-esque and surreal. It's amazing. He looks completely and utterly creepy - somebody you wouldn't want to run into while walking through dark, underground passages in Italy - and yet still oddly beautiful.

Jane - Many have been saying she looks mediocre. I beg to differ. I think she looks pretty incredible. Her clothes have an innocence to them, because after all, she is just a small girl, and yet they're dark and brooding, especially the cape/jacket thing. Her face looks like that of a child, except for her eyes, which terrify the crap out of me. And they should - a stare from them can cause agony to anyone on her bad side.

(You can see all of these full-sized by clicking HERE!)

Another look at Jane...and her EYES! Holy crap, I'd hate to be on the recieving end of those evil red orbs.
Aw, and look at poor, melancholy Edward in the back. I'm going to miss him so much during the movie. :'(

Here's Demetri, clutching a very frightened looking Alice by the throat. I like her pretty red gloves. xD

And we have Aro and Cauis sitting royaly atop their fancy thrones, with Alec standing by, looking less like a little punk, thankfully. :P Their chairs are super duper cool. I want one. And the way Aro is sitting reminds me of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, ha. Only I don't think Kirk has red eyes...
Also, something I noticed, Caius is now wearing a suit in this one, just like Aro. (Remember the promotional pictures, and people complaining about Aro not wearing a cloak?) So maybe they only wear their cloaks when they go outside, and then when they return to their lair, they shed them so that they can flaunt their expensive Italian tuxedos. 8D


caitymae1992 said...

Ahhh! This made me so happy when I saw them! :D Dude Alec looks sooooo freaking hott! :D lol He can be my little punk. :D Jane! Woha! Holy Pickles! She looks amazing! I would totally hug her, but then she might kill me! Marcus is just creepy lol. Caius and I look like we could get in to a mean argument about something. And Aro and I look like we could become best buds and torture Edward with our funny little side comments lol. By the way...Demetri=Sexy! He can grab my throat anytime! I'll even wear red gloves! :D Over all I am impressed with the Volturi and I'm soooo freaking happy! :D

fanpire17 said...

the volturi look AMAZING!!! once again this movie proves itself to be the awesome masterpiece it is. i can't wait, and i totally agree with what caitymae1992 said. hot hot stuff. or shall i say cold? hahahahahahahahah that was a horrible joke, i know