Monday, August 3, 2009

Do the Twitterbug

If anyone's into Twitter (it's, like, all the rage now or something!), and if you're interested in following any of the Twilight Saga cast, then I have links of all the actors/actresses that are currently and officially tweeting (just click their name and it'll take you to their profile):

Justin Chon (Eric)
Charlie Bewley (Demetri)
Edi Gathegi (Laurent)
Anna Kendrick (Jessica)
Gil Birmingham (Billy)
Michael Sheen (Aro)
Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius)
Christian Serratos (Angela)
Billy Burke (Charlie)
Peter Facinelli (Carlisle)
Rachelle LeFevre (Victoria)

And here are some other Twilight-related people you may or may not want to follow:

David Slade (Eclipse Director)
Hilly Hindi (of the Hillywood Show, she plays Bella one of the greatest Twilight spoofs)
Hannah Hindi (also of the Hillywood Show, she plays Alice in the spoof)
The Hillywood Show
Kaleb Nation (The Twilight Guy)
His Golden Eyes (Twilight Fansite)
There are some other Twilight fansites that I don't follow on Twitter. But you may be interested, so I'll just list them and you can look them up for yourselves: TwiExaminer, twilightpoison, pattinsononline, ROBsessedBlog, bellaandedward, newmoonmovie, RPOdotcom, TwiCrackAddict, RobPattzNews, TwilightLexicon, lion_lamb_lj, lionandlamblove, ifelthopenet, BCPmusic (Bella Cullen Project, band), and twilighters.

Yep. If you guys know of any more, do tell. =D
It's actually pretty enjoyable to follow actors and actresses on Twitter. You remember that in reality they're all just funny, silly, kind, and normal people with hectic lives that are fun to know about.

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fanpire17 said...

just to warn everybody, kristen stewart, the cullen clan, and taylor do NOT have a twitter. they all are imposters. don't get tricked. taylor said he just got one but hasn't been on it yet. just thought everybody should know