Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Werewolves and Wizards and Geeks, Oh My!

This is a bit of a news collage, here.

First off, we get a look at some bare-chested wolf boys. *whistles*

Move over werewolves of London! The werewolves of Forks have arrived! I can't really tell who is who, but I know that Alex Meraz, who plays hotheaded Paul, and Chaske Spencer, who plays big boy Sam, are both present. To me, it looks like Chaske (what a cool name) is the one pointing and Alex is the one showing off his eighteen-pack. The one standing behind with his clothes still on...that could be Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry, but I'm not sure, so don't take my word for it. There is one thing that can't be denied, however...they all look fierce! ;D

Also, Comic-Con is on July 23rd! I think we all remember last year's fiasco with doubt the screams of fans will reach decibals thus far unknown when New Moon is presented. Here's a bit of info that Summit has relseased:

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON – The highly anticipated sequel to last year’s box-office smash TWILIGHT is the subject of a question-and-answer session featuring surprise members of the cast. In anticipation of being one of the convention’s most talked-about events, the panel will also thrill the crowd with a first look at never-before-seen footage from the film. With THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) return in a captivating new chapter of the action epic that has enthralled audiences around the world.

Special Evening TWILIGHT Screenings
Summit is also proud to present “The Twilight Experience,” a one-night-only special theatrical re-release of global sensation TWILIGHT, featuring an introduction by cast members.

Screening tickets are $10 and can only be purchased online at Fandango ( and picked up at the theater prior to the event. Multiple staggered showings of TWILIGHT will take place at the Pacific Gaslamp 15. Doors open at 5:30 and fans with tickets will be admitted on a first-come, first-seated basis. The Pacific Gaslamp 15 is located at 701 5th Ave., just a few blocks from the Convention Center. Two tickets per person limit.

Photo Booth, Giveaways and More!
Throughout the convention, visitors to the Summit Entertainment booth in the Grand Hall will have the opportunity to have their pictures taken in an exclusive THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON photo booth and collect special edition trading cards for the film. They can also meet the CG-animated versions of classic characters brought to new life in ASTRO BOY. With each spin of the prize wheel, lucky visitors will win promotional giveaways or exclusive prizes.

Are any of you guys attending? If so, wear a helmet and tell me all about it when you get back!

And last but certainly not least, is anyone else as excited as I am about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? If all goes according to plan, I should be seeing it tonight tomorrow night. =D Now, I'm no fan of the Harry Potter books. If someone told me to choose which series I like best - Harry Potter or Twilight - I'd say Twilight in a heart beat. BUT, I do love the Harry Potter movies, just as much as I love the Twilight movie, and I'm as excited for the next few as I am excited for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. There's no reason for any competition to exist between the two franchises...just because they're both popular, that automatically means it's a wild race to see who is MOST popular? That's bogus, and we know it. I like both. They're both amazing. Vampires and wizards are both badass, okay? :P


fanpire17 said...

i am 100% with you when it comes to the whole Harry Potter/Twilight nonsense. i love both of course. and i saw Harry Potter 6 and i highly recomend it. it was AMAZING!!! happy to be reading your blogs again. now, on to the next blog :D

Twilighter said...

HP6 was incredible! I don't understand why so many people say it sucked. It was a superb movie, in my opinion.
Maybe it's because I didn't really read the book. Maybe if I had been a huge fan of the book, I would have had a bunch of complaints...
No. I think a lot of those people are just whiners. It was very well-made. =)