Sunday, July 19, 2009

"So You're Not Dead, Bella?"

We have a new still!

Go HERE and then click on the image to see it full-sized. It's even better that way.

If we use deductive reasoning, we can come to the conclusion that this is the scene where Alice returns - after the rather severe misunderstanding between Edward and Jacob - and then they devise their plan to go after Bella's silly, over-dramtic vampire man.
If we use fangirl reasoning...EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! They look lovely, wonderful, superb each of them. They're spot on, really. Alice looks so much better with her hair like that. She's so trendy and pretty and...Alicey.


fanpire17 said...

once again, i agree 100% i love her hair that way. kristen looks great, and taylor...what a hunk? i like this director-hard at work. what a fun job

fanpire17 said...

oooooooo the article is really good, too. i gotta get this newspaper.