Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, Comic Con

It was today. :) Did anyone go? I certainly didn't.
A bunch of the New Moon cast attended, and Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson were there to represent Bella, Jacob, and Edward.
Two clips were shown, and from what I hear, one was of Bella and Jacob riding their motorcyles (with Edward appearing as Bella's hallucination) and the other clip was of Alice and Bella racing to Italy to rescue Edward.
As of now, I can't find any videos showing those two fantastic clips, nor do I have any good quality videos of the cast being interviewed on the panel. As soon as I do get my virtual hands on any such videos, I'll post them here, of course.

I do, however, have a few rather entertaining interview from E!News and Entertainment Weekly.
Here are the ones from E!News, one with Taylor and Kristen (they're both super cute) and one with Ashley Greene (why is she so darn pretty?):

And then the interview from EW with Chris Weitz (the director), Taylor, Ashley, Kristen, and Rob can be found right HERE.
Personally, I thought Rob looked quite exasperated with Kristen and Ashley. And he had a right to be! I would have told them to shut up, too. XD

More on Comic Con later!


fanpire17 said...

the second one is being dumb and nt loading for me, but these videos are gettin me soooooo much more excited.

(p.s. i can't decide if i like Kristen's hair or not.)

Twilighter said...

Kristen's playing Joan Jett in the movie she's working on (with Dakota Fanning) so that's why her hair is like that. :P
Personally, I think she rocks it.

fanpire17 said...

that's what my cousin said right after i hit enter for my last comment. definitely going to see that movie. i saw Push, and dakota fanning is soo awesome.

love them like always