Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking For a Great Read?

It's super hot here.
We're having company.
Those are a couple reasons I haven't been updating quite as much.
But probably the foremost reason is that I've been torturing my eyes, reading one of the best fan-fictions that I've ever read.
If you're interested in fanfics (they're stories by people who use the characters and perhaps the basic storyline from books, films, TV shows, ect. and then create something new with them), then I have a suggestion for you. :)

Destiny Awaits » by Midnight Seductress
After Twilight. When Alice leaves to find her future, Bella makes a her a promise that will change everything.
Twilight - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 24 - Words: 157,795 - Reviews: 1811 - Updated: 7-23-09 - Published: 3-16-09 - - Bella/Jasper

I know, I know, a story about Bella and Jasper being together instead of old Bella and Edward may seem farfetched and even a bit horrifying at first, but trust me, once you simply throw your preconcieved notions out the window and dive in, you won't want to come back up for air. It's actually quite well written, and from what I've read so far, it has a good plot and superb characters. If you want love, desire, despair, hope, angst, and all the emotions that make up a good story, then this is the one for you. Read it! NOW. :D

And while I'm still talking about fan fictions, there's another AMAZING one that I simply HAVE to usher you to. It's called Wide Awake and it's about Bella and Edward, but they're both human, and well, their stories couldn't be different than those in Stephenie's saga. They both have fascinating back stories that are slowly divulged, and then the story of them falling in love is both simple, and wonderfully intricate at the very same time. You'll probably have to get used to Edward's character - he's VERY different than the gentle, chivilrous, too-lovely-to-be-real Edward from Twilight, but, personally, I love him MORE. Everything about it is great, the writing is beautiful...JUST READ IT BY CLICKING HERE. xD

Oh, and if you have an account on, and in case you wanted to know (for some wild reason ;D), my username/penname is bobtoyou. I know, my creative side wasn't exactly awake when I invented that one. :P


fanpire17 said...

my friend writes those types of stories, and they're really good. i'm excited to read these-seems like a nice change of pace.

(p.s. i heard the song Run by Leona Lewis and i thought of NewMoon. it should be in at least one of the movies. i love it so much :D)

bookishheather said...

What is this ridiculousness about replacing Rachel?! Talk about a surprise. I can't believe they would replace her if she was only promised to the other film for 10 days.

fanpire17 said...

there's a petition on you can sign. i did an there's alread over 3,100 who did, too.

(p.s. if wished to talk to me on twitter-god knows why-my username is kadanada27)

sign the petition, it may not help at all, but just maybe it'll make at least a little difference