Friday, July 31, 2009

Laughing Brit One Minute, Dangerous Vamp the Next

To lift our spirits, I thought we could use a few very entertaining interviews with the ever wonderful Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius). =D

This one has three parts, with pauses in between. Let them all play out, they're great.
Edit: Sorry, that last video I posted had only one of the interviews. THIS one has all three. My bad. ;)

Just to assure you, Jamie was JOKING. He said it with such a straight face, however, that Chris Weitz had to come out with a statement declaring that the silly actor was kidding. Baha!

Dear all,

I would like to put everyone’s mind at rest and let them know that the
Volturi are not naked! Jamie (Campbell-Bower) has what you might call a
dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me — which is why he’s
such a good actor. Anyway, be assured that, even though we do want the
look of the Volturi to be a bit of a surprise, they are always — as in
the book! — fully clothed.

Chris Weitz

Funny, huh? If that doesn't prove one's acting abilities, what does? ;D I have to admit, I was squinting my eyes at him during interview, wondering if he was serious or not!

He is fast becoming one of my very favorite Twilight actors. He's very charming. ;)

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fanpire17 said...

i loved him in Sweeney Todd (his character was sweet) so i have no doubt that i'll love him in New Moon. i love his dry sense of humor. it makes me count down the days til the midnight showing.