Friday, July 24, 2009

Dirt-Biking and Mad-Dashing!

Oh my sweet Edward, here are the two exclusive clips that were shown at Comic Con!



bookishheather said...

Honestly, what I found almost as good as the first clip is the girl(s) commentary on what she's seeing - listen to what she says.

Twilighter said...

Oh I know, it's really funny. "Omg this is going to be so good." *Jacob takes off shirt* *screams* "Wait, why did he just do that?" Other girl: "To put it to her forehead..." "Oh, ha, I thought he was just like I'll save the day, takes off shirt!" "Wait what did she just say??" "You're really beautiful or something..." "Oooh no, don't do it..."
Hahahaha. That was just from memory, I probably got it all wrong, but it went something like that. I've watched it so many times trying to tune them out, but it's difficult. :P

fanpire17 said...

holy crap the comentary was hilarious. if you listen closely you can hear someone say "oh my gosh this is better than a porno." hahahaha i laughed so hard when i heard that. the clips are really good, but i got to be honest in saying sometimes Kristen can be a little cheesy, but i still love her. Taylor Lautner=:D :D :D :D :D

only 116 days left. woohoo