Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three Words: Oh Hot Damn

Hello Italy.
Hello Volterra celebration.
Hello red cloaks.
Hello fountain.
Hello dashing Bella.
Hello shirtless Edward.
Wait, say that last one again?!

I've had only enough time these days to simply check out the news from other sites, but not post it here. Yet this newest stuff was too good to pass up. I don't care what those SAT's are saying...I'm going to MAKE time and post this for you guys. (Even though you've probably already seen them. Oh well, why not see 'em again?)

I think my heart just jumped right out of my chest. Yep, there it is, on the floor. *dies*

See more of them, full-sized and in all their drool-inducing glory, here at RPattz Daily.

And a big "haha losers" to those saying it's all makeup. I'm sure they dabbed a bit on to make the abs stand out against that perfectly pale skin of his, but seriously? Blow the pictures up and take a good look. And look at the photos that are taken from the sides. And then look at his arms. You can tell he's been working out. They aren't fake. What is with people and trying to make people that are impressive seem like idiots? Fooey on you.


fanpire17 said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!
there are no words to describe how happy and excited i am. i love the pictures and can't wait!
I LOVE NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!
(wait, did i already say that?)

caitymae1992 said...

HOLY CRAP MUFFINS!!! Fanpire17 called me and was like, "dude check this out!!!" I was like, "Wait, I just got outta the shower, all I got is a towel on, let me get on some clothes." then she says, "NO LEAVE THE TOWEL ON AND GET YOUR BUTT ON THE COMPUTER!" me, "okay okay slow your roll sister." i get on the computer and type in the little address thingy, I see all the pictures and, "AHHHHH" then my mom yells, "CAITLYN SHUT UP!" me, "SORRY MOM." fanpire17, "HAHAHA"

Scorpius said...

He's got muscles that is for sure. But it is obvious that there is some make up on his stomach to accentuate them a bit more

Twilighter said...

That is like the BEST story I've heard in a long time, caitymae! =D THAT made my day just about as much as sexy fit Rob did. :P
And it's not even the mostly-real-slightly-makeupfied muscles that amaze me. He just looks so...PRETTY. ^_^

fanpire17 said...

we're proud to have made your day, twilighter. a small thanks for giving us those AMAZING pictures. (sighs)i'm at a loss for words.