Sunday, May 31, 2009


When I first saw it I thought the wolf looked a little silly...
this looks beauuuuuuuutiful.
The birthday scene was like perfect. And omg. Jasper has normal hair now! =D
So does Edward. Actually Edward looks perfect. Gorgeous. Amazing.
And hello Jacob's pecs! ;)
They changed the scene with Laurent.
Who, by the way, looks really good. Like the real freakin' kick-ass scary vampire he is.
But changes are fine by me. They worked for Twilight, they can work for New Moon.
The only issue I'm having with that, is it looks like they're standing in some meadow on a hot summer day in California. Where's the Forks greenery?! =o
It looks like they toned down the break-up scene for the trailer, but I can tell it has the potential to be heart-shattering.
GRRRR! Big brown wolfie! I like it. I just hope they aren't done tampering with the special effects for the wolf because it looks rather fake. Lovely, but fake.
I'm one happy Twilighter, that's for sure!
A round of applause from me, Chris Weitz. :D
November is being a slow-poke.

Edit: I just realized something, after watching the trailer about, oh, 53564657 more times. I don't think Chris did change the Laurent scene. I think when Jacob turns into a wolf, it's at a different part because Bella's clothes change. I think Laurent going all wide-eyed and then Jake running and morphing into a wolf are from two different scenes, just put together to look like they match. Trailers do that all the time.
Hmmm. :)


bookishheather said...

WOW does the new trailer look amazing. It looks really well put together, and I CANNOT WAIT for November to arrive! :)

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

owhh my god!!! i just felt a shiver watching it!!!! but they all loooooooook so diffren!! erm...but its ok.....i still love it!!

fanpire17 said...

i saw the 2009 mtv movie awards and it was AMAAAAAAZING!!! the trailer looks so cool. jacob looks like a stuffed wolf-addorable, cuddley, and always there for comfort and unending love. :) i can't wait, i absolutely love it.


ok, now i'm done

fanpire17 said...
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fanpire17 said...

wait, i forgot to add that Twilighter is totally right in saying they are two different scenes. they just put them together to give a little more excitement from the fans, which is a good thing.

(by the way, i LOVE andy samberg.)

ok, now i really am done, haha

Marissa said...

The trailer looks soooo good! I just saw this site, and i think the song would be perfect for the NM movie!