Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I haven't posted a SINGLE update in, like, FOREVER and I can't even BEGIN to tell you how SORRY I am.
Anyway, I suggest you brace yourself for this upcoming tirade...
School is to my life as an eclipse is to the moon. It just completely looms over every other important thing that may be going on in life and demands the most attention out of all of them. The teachers nag, they get lazy, they get irritable, they decide for some moronic reason to pile all of their most torturous projects on us already busy teenagers at the very last minute, they suddenly realize that they haven't been giving enough homework throughout the last three quaters of the year and so they assign more and more and more, and did I mention that they nag? Oh and as if things like AP tests that cost almost a hundred dollars - a hundred dollars for a piece of paper! They don't even provide the pencils! - and SATs and finals aren't enough to make a high schooler's head explode in a mess of brain juices and skull fragments. All over the carpet that hasn't been vaccumed since November. I hope that happens soon - just not to me. 0:-)
Sports take up a lot of time, too. A LOT of time. And while classes like Math and History think that THEY are bigger than the universe, all the sports simultaneously believe the same thing.
Sometimes I wonder if adults aren't just lying to us when they claim that their lives demand SO much more responsibility and that we should quit whining. THEY can whine about bills, but WE can't whine about juggling six different classes like a bunch of flippin' circus performers - circus performers who happen to be mercilessly graded and who have to graduate from juggling to tight-rope walking or it's back to cleaning elephant poop fer ye?
I will now get my butt away from the computer and continue with my schoolwork. Because as much as it stresses me out, as much as I want to throw it all in the garbage and watch it go up in birght orange flames, as much as I want to scream and throw something - preferably a math book - out the window, it's as much a part of life as paying the bills is. Adults do it. So can teenagers. And I continue to believe, even through all my hostility, that these horrid high school experiences will be on my side as I persue a successful, wonderful life.
This, my fellow Twilighters, is why I am choosing schoolwork over the literary obsession of my life. For now, anyway. Even though Twilight is what makes me smile and releases some of that tension from my muscles, it isn't Twilight that's going to get me into college so that I can begin my trek through life with a bounce in my step and confidence in my shoulders.
This sounds stupid.
So, basically, I'll end with this:
I'm not dead. I'm not terminally ill. I'm not bored of Twilight - what a thought! I'm just masochistic.
The good news?
Summer is almost here. :D

P.S. Those of you who have followed me through with my little ridiculous blog and have commented on all my ridiuclous little updates make me smile the widest. =D I hope that as soon as I get back into my Twilight groove - which will hopefully be soon - that you guys will still be here to make me feel awesome. ^__^


Rhiannon said...

As a teacher, I cannot fault you for choosing school over Twilight. I am, like you, counting down the days till summer break!! We have 21 school days left. I wish you luck on all your tests and projects (and I don't take offense to all your antics about teachers, sometimes they do assign some stupid things!) I will continue to check for updates!!

Twilighter said...

Aw, that's great you're a teacher.
And I'm very happy you didn't take any offense to all /my/ nagging! Heehee. Because as much as I love to whine, I have the utmost repsect for teachers - it's one of the most important jobs out there, and one of the most demanding for sure!
I will update soon! =D

Laura Jett said...

lol. yeah HS is tuff!! I am just thankful to you for all your AMAZING pictures you have on here and for NOT making this a private blog! Cuz even though I have no idea who you are, I can't stop myself from checking out the blog every time I can! :P Good luck with finals and again thank you for what you HAVE done!!

fanpire17 said...

Hey you really aren't dead. hehehe. no i totally know what you mean. this week alone i had two projects and a research paper due and somehow i have to study for an AP test that's on monday-kill me now (metaphorically of course). so i completely understand. i agree with Laura Jett in saying that i have absolutely NO idea who you are, but yet i find myself checking this blog at least once a day. so thank you thank you thank you for doing that. holy bajeegis this is getting long. hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with school. the one thing that's helping me stay afloat is that summer isn't far away. think of that everytime you feel like guitting. trust me, it helps. see ya :D

Dana Marie said...

I send you cyber-awesomeness to get through the last i dunno... 20? days of school left. And to make you smile. (:

bookishheather said...

Best of luck during finals time! My last semester was in December, so I'm quite familiar with the panic of exams and papers that always creep up when you need them least. And having started my first 'real' job as a librarian, the stress doesn't end when you finish school. Only, it's a bit more fun. Looking forward to new updates!

Kasey said...

oh i agree completely. i loooove twilight but i really need to get movin on all my school work. can't wait till summer though. im def going to read the whole series like 282829832 more times. i cant wait for new moon to come out!!!

Princess of Lyrics said...

well, I wanna to be a teacher too :D
so we understand you at all...
I'm brazilian, and my blog is in portuguese ... ¬¬
but I love Twilight and I read all the books in English... So I think you can understand what I'm writing, still my english is a little wrong....
If you go to my blog and anwer this comment I'll be so gratefull....
Congratulations ; D