Sunday, April 5, 2009

Set Photos, Anyone?

The_Merc_With_A_Mouth over at IMDB captured this picture of what will very, very likely be the school lunchroom set:

And HisGoldenEyes put up this comparison photo so we could see the similarities:

"Well I have further proof. They have added round tables.
Another thing they have done is add country flags in the Cafeteria.
Anyways I have 100% proof they are filming New Moon here.
There was a shirt that said “Forks High” That they put into the trophy case at the front, but when I saw, the crew member quickly hid it with a purple blanket and covered it up, then they locked the case. Its like they were… hiding something. lol."

Twilight-Gossip found what appears to be outside of the high school:
I am pleased to announce that earlier today my husband and I have found the set where they will be recreating the outside parking lot of Forks High School.

Below is the picture of the set that we found that will be used for the exterior scene of New Moon. Under that image is a picture of the actual school used in the twilight movie.

Sweeeeet. 8)


fanpire17 said...

aaaahh, it's so exciting! :)

Sandra said...

I've got the photos at the forks shirt etc.
Hisgoldeneyes, newmoonmovie and twicrack have added the photos to their site. Do you want it? Email me;