Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Set Pictures! Can I Get a "WHOO-WHOO!"?

Oh by the way, I feel bad for not updating much lately. School as been busy and stressful and stupid and crazy and argh. But sometimes you just have to push aside those "important" things and distract yourself with something wonderful, like New Moon. :D
And how's THIS for distracting?

I now know why Bella always loses her train of thought when she looks into those golden eyes of his. *_*
Here are a few more:

Oh my word, they are so gorgeous. Mr. Weitz is really outdoing himself, as far as making Edward and Bella look like they did in Twilight, only a million times better. The makeup and costuming is perfect. And you can actually see the gold in Edward's dazzling eyes, even from far away.

Anyway, you can see a bunch more photos at Everglow here. They have just about the best Twilight image gallery EVER. So go and gorge yourself, but try not to melt to a puddle. That would be unfortunate. And who would want to clean you up off the floor?


B said...

OMG!! He's just so dashing! Thanks for posting it up. I go to your blog on regular basis for my Twilight fix haha!

Twilighter said...

Yay! I'm so happy you come here, hehe. :D

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

omg!!! look at edward!!
his eyes!!!
i cant breath!!!!!!!!!!

i just love ur blog!!!!!

Dana Marie said...

Damn, is Rob sexy or what?

fanpire17 said...

HOLY CRAP THEY LOOK AMAZING, although you guys already know that. chris weitz is doing an amazing job with keeping the feel of twilight except A MILLION TIMES BETTER. I CAN'T WAIT. :)