Tuesday, March 24, 2009

♪ Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! ♪

It's raining.
And I have no homework.
Do you know what that means?
Spring Break. :D
With no school and no worries (well, not that many worries, anyway) I will have plenty of time to obsess over New Moon and jump around with you guys and of course post lots and lots of updates. ^_^
Happy Spring everyone~!


bookishheather said...

Woohoo to spring break and catching up on ZzZz's and New Moon news! How are you enjoying repeat (I'm sure) watchings of Twilight?!

Twilighter said...

I've watched it twice so far and there are many many many more to come! =D It gets better every time! The extra features were awesome, too. I have yet to watch the commentary, which I've heard is hilarious! =D

bookishheather said...

Oh man - the commentary is hysterical!! Definitely worth a watch through.