Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"You Drive that Hatchback, Rob!"

BuddyTV had what they called a "Twilight Challange" where four people (three of which had never read Twilight) watched the film and commented on it.

It was a normal night like any other when Debbie, Oscar, Meghan and I sat down to watch Twilight. We curled up in my bed (well, Oscar sat in a chair) and gleefully anticipated the beginning of the film. I had my three Twilight virgins with me and I knew from their initial thoughts that this was going to be a hard task.

What I will say of the following live thoughts is this: don’t judge them like they tried not to judge Twilight. Debbie really wanted Bella and Edward to get down, Meghan wanted to get down with Edward and Oscar had his own special outlook on things. They were hilarious but moreover, they expressed a lot of concerns that non-readers might have while watching the movie. Some things they didn’t understand and some things they grasped fully. If you've seen the movie ten times like me (yeah, that's right, I've seen it that many times since we did the initial thoughts video), then it'll be easy to figure out what we're talking about. If not, I leave contextual clues along the way. if you still can't figure it out, please, go watch Twilight again, for me... Warning: The conversation that follows may not be suitable for minors.

Debbie Chang: Okay, it's starting.
Oscar Dahl: I have never heard of Summit Entertainment.
Debbie Chang: Oh no, voiceovers. Kill me now.
Kim Wetter: I really like the score.
Oscar Dahl: The old vampire/deer chase cliché.
Debbie Chang: Does phoenix really look like that?
Oscar Dahl: yes.
Debbie Chang: With cacti and such?
Kim Wetter: Well, it's phoenix.
Meghan Carlson: I’ve been to phoenix. It does look like that. It's sprawling and grossly hot.
Kim Wetter: FORKS!
Meghan Carlson: Reppin' WA STATE! Hollerrrr.

Read the rest here. There are five pages and it's quite entertaining. Immature and raunchy, but entertaining.

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fanpire17 said...

i only read the first two pages, but it's so funny. it sounds exactly like when i made my friends (who haven't read the books and alreayd judged the movie)go and see it with me. we all were laughing so much, and i constantly had to explain things to them. it was so much fun. i just can't wait til i drag them to new moon, too. :P