Friday, March 20, 2009


A few members from the lovely Twilight (and now New Moon) cast had some things to say to the "best fans in the world" =D :

Ahhhh look at Ashley's eyes! Now that's what I call a vampire! :K And her hair! Rachelle was looking super fierce, too, and Kristen was looking adorable and innocent-little-Bella-like, and Taylor was looking like a hot tamale and of course Rob was just being Rob with that brooding stare and then that goofy smile at the end.
/end freakout

And speaking of how awesome Ashley is and everything, she talked with 4tnz about Taylor's becoming a Spartan and how Rob will be flittering about in New Moon:

On Taylor's bod: "He looks fantastic…I was sitting in the make-up trailer and I looked over and he was taking his shirt off because he was doing a—they were looking for his double—and I was just like, “You’ve got to be joking. You’ve got to be joking.” The girls are going to be very satisfied, I can tell you. It looks like [The] 300!"

On Rob in New Moon: "Of course they threw Rob in there! He comes in as a flittering image to tell Bella not to do anything reckless and then you have him at the very beginning at school, at the party when he’s saying goodbye to her and the flitterring images and in Italy as well, so they’ll get their fix."

The cliff diving scenes are being shot as we freak...I mean speak! ;D

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were in Tofino, British Columbia yesterday – where Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were married but not at that resort – shooting around South Beach and the Wickaninnish Inn. More of that is happening today. Rachelle Lefevre is said to be around too. Cliff diving, near drowning, and rescue…or something. Am sure you twi-hards know exactly. Please, you don’t need to tell me.

Here’s Taylor getting to know his surroundings. Is he growing? Or is that just me projecting?

Taylor deserves some squeals too. Am told he was glimpsed with his shirt off at one point. Ripped.

And for your entertainment, I present to you, Jackson Rathbone's happy dance:

I wish mine was that cool.


caitymae1992 said...

Wow! lol Ashley's eye's were cool. So were Rachelle's if you noticed she had red contacts on! :D Taylor is a hottie! Rob is too! Kristen looks all Bella-ish. :D I loved Jackson's happy dance. "It works both ways." lol

fanpire17 said...

HOLY CRAP-taylor looks AMAZING!!!!! i'm not gonna lie in saying i'm a little jealous that ashley got a "sneak peek" at out b-e-a-Utiful jacob. if only i could be there to watch kristen and taylor cliff-dive. fun fun fun :D