Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If Books Could Have Soundtracks

I realized, while lying in bed the other night with my iPod in my ears, that there are so many songs I listen to over and over again and yet I have no idea what they mean. There are so many songs that I love just because they sound nice, but they are songs whoes lyrics I'd never actually tried to find the meaning of. And so while I started rolling the lyrics of each song on my playlist in my head, I began thinking of the Twilight Saga (I've been recently rereading New Moon and now Eclipse, so Bella, Edward, and Jacob were already on my mind). I ended up finding a few songs that I think would be perfect to have playing in the background while reading Stephenie's books. If her books - and I want to stress that I am referring to the books, and not the film - had soundtracks, these are few of the songs that I think would be beautiful:

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. To me, this song reflects how Jacob feels about Bella being turned into a vampire (in Eclipse, mostly). I suppose it could be from Edward's view too, but to Jacob, his best friend becoming a vampire is no different than his best friend dying:

My Sacrifice by Creed. This song also revolves mostly around Jacob to me. Well, more like Bella finding Jacob. It could be applied to many situations between the two of them, like the way Jacob healed Bella after Edward left, and also the way Bella comforted and supported Jacob after he found out he was a werewolf. I think the fact that New Moon is coming up has me thinking about that silly dog. :)
P.S. this one has some spelling mistakes. Oh well.

Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park. Whenever I really listen to this song, I think of Breaking Dawn. Bella's life is, in a way, ending. She's saying good-bye to many people. And when I think of the sun setting and the shadow of the day making the world grey, for some reason I think of being born as a vampire.

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. This song just totally reminds me of Edward and Bella's meadow - just the title is enough to bring that scene from the book to my head. But I think it could represent Edward's journey finding and falling in love with Bella in many ways as well. =]

Everywhere by Michelle Branch. I listen to a lot of songs sung by men. And I don't know why, but a lot of them really capture the feelings portrayed in Stephenie Meyer's books, even though they are obviously targeted toward women. But here's a song by Michelle Branch that matches how Bella feels about Edward, mostly in Twilight. Edward watches over her when she sleeps, his presence feels like a dream, and basically, he's everywhere.

So what are your opinions? What songs do you think would fit perfectly within the pages of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, or just the saga in general? =D


Rhiannon said...

I like your song picks. It's so funny, when I am listening to the radio I am always like, ooh, that would be a good song for the Twilight soundtrack. I think Broken, by Lifehouse would be really good one for New Moon.

Dana said...

Those are all awesome freaking songs. xD
I kind of like the song Blood by My Chemical Romance, it makes me think of Jasper. Uhm, Like a Virgin for Edward. HA. Just Kidding. xD

Hold Nothing Back by Copeland makes me think of Edward and Bella. :D

Rip her to Shreds by Blondie makes me think of Rosalie. xD

Twilighter said...

Omg, Like a Virgin for Edward!
I practically had a spasm attack from laughing at that.
Hehehehe. xD

Anonymous said...

Your songs are awesome !!
I really like the song My Immortal by Evanescence, I think it describes perfectly how Bella feels in New Moon when Edward leaves her. The lyrics are SOOOOO perfect =p