Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deleted Scene! Wanna Taste?

It's delicious. =P

Although I /suppose/ I can see why they didn't include it in the movie. I guess it's a bit too forward compared to their shy, awkward, "um yeah, I'm a girl in love with a creepy vampire" sort of relationship throughout the rest of it. They weren't like that in the book, either. Edward was very careful. (But we all know how much he wanted to taste Bella's fragile, human little fingers. Teehee.)


fanpire17 said...

No you're totally right. it's a good thing it wasn't in the movie cause it doesn't have that same "safe" "fragile" feel to it, but i still loved it.

fragile human

(p.s.i can't wait to see all the other deleted scenes and commentaries and of course the movie when it comes out, and i also cannot wait for catherine hardwicke's new book that she wrote all about makin the movie to come out, good stuff)

Twilighter said...

Eeeee there's so many Twilight goodies!
Why can't we have them NOW? =]

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

wwwoooww!! hahaha
erkk..this scene was before n after which scene????