Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

I can't believe it. I totally missed the Oscars. I MISSED THEM.
I missed Rob. :'(
Thank heavens for YouTube.

Here's our favorite vampire boy presenting the "Romance" montage alongside Amanda Seyfried. And WHOA BOY is he looking fiiiine. XO Seriously, this is the best I've ever seen him look, ever. I just want to pounce through the screen and ruffle that adorable hair of his. =D'

And here are some clips of him walking around like a dazed and dazzling fool on the red carpet, as well as a few interviews:

*sighswoondazzled* And to think my unhealthy obsession with him was beginning to ebb.

Moving away from Robert, I've heard that Heath Ledger won an Oscar, but I haven't been able to find if this is true. I hope it is! =O
Heath Ledger did win an Oscar, for best supporting actor in The Dark Knight! I'm so happy. =')


B said...

Yes, it's true, he won for best supporting actor posthumously for the Dark Knight! :)

A deserved accolade for Heath.

Twilighter said...

Yay! ^_^

Leslie :D said...

Heath did win the award, and I'm glad he did.

It was really sad when you saw close ups of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, etc., and they were all sad and crying :(

And I really think Matilda and Michelle Williams should have gone up to recieve the award along with the family.

Twilighter said...

Aw, I know, in a way I'm kind of glad I missed it. Because I'm pretty sure I would have started crying.
They didn't? They definitely should have. Poor things, though.

fanpire17 said...

First of i thought that my obsession with rob was starting to die down, but as soon as he came on that stage, i knew that idea was out the window (smiles-laughs a wee bit). It was kind of obvious that heath was goin to win, and i am sooooo happy that he did. He did an that's not enough...AMAZING job in that movie, and seeing his family and fellow celebs feel the same way and probably more about him than i do is really amazing as well. and now that i wrote a whole page, i'm goin to end with how hansom rob looked (smiles widely while whistling) OW OW

(p.s. what's with him being alone? jeese i would have gone with him if i knew that no one was being escorted by him.)

Twilighter said...

OW OW is right! ;D
I know. I just do not understand how he can still be single.
Does he have an imaginary girlfriend or something?
Maybe he's just the independent type. I'm sure he could have any number of dates if he wanted to.
Maybe he's real choosy?
I DON'T KNOW. I don't understand him. =(
But his mysteriousness is part of what makes him so darn attractive.
And, uh, yay for writing super long comments? XD Hehehe.