Monday, February 23, 2009

Robpersonation: By Kellan Lutz

Kittlez (my lovely nickname for Kellan Lutz, the guy who plays Emmett, in case anyone doesn't know ;P) impersonates Robert Pattinson's string cheese, mountain goat, person-with-limbs-sewn-together run. Enjoy:

I love you Kittlez. =D

Jackson Rathbone (A.K.A Jasper) impersonates him, too. In EXACTLY the same way. XD

Well everyone's just picking on poor Rob! =(
I guess that's why he doesn't run whenever the fans pounce on him...because he can't!
No matter. Athletic boys tend to be show offs anyway. If you're going to run, join the NBA or a marathon. If not, then be an actor. Because unless you're in a film about vampires, chances are that you aren't going to have to run *that* much. Although, considering how action-packed films are getting these days, maybe that's not an accurate generalization. =P
Either way, I like Rob's style. Jackson and Kellan do, too, they just don't like to admit it. You can see the jealousy in their eyes.


Roxanne said...

Actually I thought that was's not funny for me...
Rob might not get insulted by it cuz well...he's Rob...but anyway I think it's still disrespectful

Twilighter said...

I take it as all good fun.
I remember in an interview Kellan and Nikki said that them and Rob all made fun of how one another an and did stunts. And Rob himself was making fun of how he runs.
Kellan and Rob are good friends, and guys joke like that with another. =P

fanpire17 said...

Yea, i don't mean to be mean Roxanne, but i thought it was soooooo funny. Coming from a person who actually looks like Kellan's run when running, i laughed out loud all the way through both videos. it's all in good fun.

(p.s. lovin the kellan nickname)

fanpire17 said...

Ok, i know this doesn't have to do with what i just typed about five minutes ago, but i just found this web-site with a bunch of twilight stuff you can buy, and some are really funny.

Twilighter said...

Lol, fanpire, those designs are amazing! Haha at the thong and all the sparkle jokes.
And the "Cullens: Drink Responsibly"
I want them all.

fanpire17 said...

i know right? i could easily spend over a hundred dollars buying things, and i still would have a long list of stuff on that site. me love!!! :)

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

omg...dats so funny...
and mean aswell...
but yea..the are frenz..rite??
kellen was funny....