Thursday, February 26, 2009


A while ago, while Robert and Kristen were promoting Twilight en France (as if Twilight needs any more promoting!), they played a game...interview...questionaire...thing...anyway it's super duper funny and the entire shindig is just now available.
Watch it here!
Seriously, go.
Allez, allez, mes amis, Robert et Kristen sont tres amusant!


bookishheather said...

Drew Barrymore as director of Eclipse? I'm not sure what I think about that....

fanpire17 said...

first of all, i loved that video. it's soooo cool to see both of them outside of boring same-question interviews. it was funny.
second of all, i think we should focus on new moon before we jump to eclipse (even though i love drew barrymore).

Twilighter said...

I didn't even know Drew Barrymore directed...?

bookishheather said...

I know! I had heard the vague rumblings of her new movie with Ellen Page, but Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she is in the running. It's crazy that they are going to move from New Moon to Eclipse so quickly! And yet another new director!