Saturday, February 14, 2009

'Cause You're Hot and You're Cold

One of the most amazing Twilight parodies out there, in my opinion:

That song was PERFECT. XD Twilight meets High School Musical. =o
I was very impressed by how similiar all of their clothes and facial expressions and gestures were to the actual movie.
Seriously. Kudos. ;D

Credit: The Hillywood Show


fanpire17 said...

That was so amazing. They did such a great job. i loved the baseball dancing and hospital scenes the best. The costumes were amazing as well. WELL DONE HILLYWOOD

Twilighter said...

And right after I watched this, I went for a drive and heard Hot N Cold on the radio. I was like OHEMGEE. =)

bookishheather said...

What do you think of McCord as Heidi?

caitymae1992 said...

That was AMAZING!! I loved it! The costumes and everything was so on point! :D

Jessica said...

Wow that was really cool. The costumes, settings, and gestures were spot in. I also loved there dancing, I was really impressed. I loves that song it should have been in the movie lol.

Edward Cullen said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I also watched the video and it was totally cool! Wonderful job! You are very welcome to visit my blog too. It's a roleplayer/fanfiction blog with "Edward's Diary". I write Daily notes there as Edward. Hope you like it!

Edward(s roleplayer)

fanpire17 said...

Edward Cullen, i just went to your blog, and i really liked it. I even left a little message for ya, but anyways, well done. My approva (not that you need it) is beyond belief. I can't wait to read more.