Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taylor Packs on the Pounds

E! interviewed Taylor Lautner, who is now stoked to know that he will continue playing Jacob Black in New Moon. (You can't blame him! =D) Just by a close examination of him while he is talking and gesturing during the video clip, I can tell that he's definitely bulked up. Heck, he even sounds manlier! That's what I call dedication:

Whoo, Taylor~!


fanpire17 said...

First of all, Taylor looks sooooo amazingly buff. I can't wait to see him in New Moon, and secondly i just bought Twilight on dvd through amazon, and now i'm so excited to watch the special features over and over again (along with the movie of course).

Twilighter said...

He really does look buff, I'm so happy that he's so dedicated. =D
And yay for the DVD! I'm so darn excited for that! I need to preoder mine still.