Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuff You Might Want to Read

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger about Twilight:

The Hollywood Reporter: How has "Twilight" changed the company?

Rob Friedman: Well, people are smiling a lot more than they were before.
Patrick Wachsberger: There definitely is a change. First, it's fantastic for all our troops. Second, it's fantastic financially. Third, I honestly believe that we made no mistakes; I don't believe that any studio could've done a better job. But I do not feel there has been any envy or jealousy -- everybody has been looking at it as a piece of good news in a really dark time. Yes, there's hope. There's hope in the banking community, there's hope for independent producers and other studios that it can happen to them on a low-budget movie with no stars. Things have also changed from the point of the view of the agencies as well. It's like, "Wow, look at this little movie coming out of nowhere, handled by this new studio. They really proved that they can basically do (major studios) good or better."

THR: Despite the success, you're going in a bit of a different creative direction with Chris Weitz directing "New Moon," the sequel.

Patrick Wachsberger: If you look at "Harry Potter" -- or other movies sort of like "Harry Potter," I shouldn't compare -- but they change director every movie. The second book is slightly different. (There are) new characters and more visual effects. Catherine (Hardwicke) did a fantastic job (on "Twilight"), and there is a naturalistic feel to the movie that she created and we're going to keep. The first movie was very good, and we hope the second movie (will) be even better.

THR: What happened with Catherine?

Friedman: Basically, we had a different vision of what the movie should be, and we decided that the best course of action was to part (ways as) friends. She has done a fantastic job with "Twilight" and continues to promote it. She's still working with us on the movie -- the DVD, she's doing her director's cut. We just agreed that we had a different vision.

THR: Will "New Moon" stay in the same $38 million budget range?

Friedman: No. The next one will be higher than that. We believe that the film will naturally be more expensive. Sequels become more expensive, and we have more special effects.

Wachsberger: And locations. In the second movie there is a sequence in Italy.

THR: There is talk that because Edward is out of the picture for much of "New Moon," there will be elements of the second and third books combined into the second movie.

Wachsberger: No, but Edward is present for the movie.

I hope that by "No, but Edward is present for the movie", they mean, "No, but Edward is present for a few minutes in the beginning and then in the grand finale at the end of the movie."
And I very much like how they mentioned the "naturalistic feel" to the Twilight film and that they said they will keep it. Part of what I loved about Twilight was that it looked so real with the camera styles and the scenery that Catherine chose.


Dana Marie said...

Oh Jeez, I hope they don't make little cuts in the middle of Bella's scenes and put snippets of Edward's life while away, that would suck. I was really looking forward to -and still am- the huge scene where he comes back! I also hope that they somehow show that months go by just like in New Moon when she wrote the months out, I though that was great. (:

fanpire17 said...

even though i love edward to death, as we all do, the less he is in the movie after the "breakup" the better cause then the ending will be ten times more outstanding and exciting and heartwrenching (just like the book). I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly what fanpire17 said.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."


Twilighter said...

You guys are so right.
If we got to see him all throughout the movie,
when he comes back it'll just be like "oh yay"
We want it to be like "OMG EDWARDDDD!!1!~!"
I'm so super duper uber excited for this thing. ^_^

Lini said...

Please vote for Robert as the most attractive man for hellomagazine:

Anonymous said...

Please don't combine the movies!!! Everyone is looking forward to seeing this movie in its entirerty. Please keep New Moon NEW MOON!!! Please don't combine them! Or it just won't be the same!