Thursday, January 1, 2009

Speaking of Celebrity Contests...

Popstar had what they called the "Celebrity Love Awards, 2008". Twilight stars made their way to the top:

-Robert Pattinson came in 2nd. (the Jonas Brothers make me want to punch a hole in my wall.)
-Stephenie Meyer came in 4th. (she's a celebrity now whether she likes it or not =P)
-Kristen Stewart came in 7th.
-Taylor Lautner came in 8th.
-Ashley Greene came in 13th.
-Cam Gigandet came in 14th.
-Kellan Lutz came in 15th.
-Jackson Rathbone came in 16th.
-Nikki Reed came in 18th.
-Rachelle Lefevre came in 28th.
-Elizabeth Reaser came in 29th.
-Peter Facinelli came in 31st.
-Christian Serratos came in 32nd.
-Edi Gathegi came in 38th.
-Billy Burke came in 41st.
-Anna Kendrick came in 43rd.
-Michael Welch came in 61st.
-Catherine Hardwicke came in 72nd.

That's basically the entire Twilight cast right thur. =D
Click here to see the entire list.


fanpire17 said...

I can't beieve that the Jonas Brothers came before the amazing Rob Pattinson; he looks ten times better than all of those boys combined, and you can't even compare their music to his.

Twilighter said...

I know, right?
Let's throw them out a window.

fanpire17 said...

I'm in :D

Twilighter said...