Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Robert Pattinson Parle Francais

For a guy who probably doesn't know much about France or their language, Robert did a pretty darn good job when asked to speak French for Teemix:

Awww, Robert, tu es tres mignon avec ton accent francais. Tu es sensationnel et je t'aime beaucoup, Monsieur Pattinson.
I fail, too, Rob, but what really counts is the effort. Am I right?
On a serious note, though, he actually sounded rather good and his pronounciation wasn't very far off (at least when he wasn't giggling and "blahagalala"ing like a silly goose ;P). I may not be good at speaking French, but I do know a two or thing about how to say words.
Oui. =]

I also found this Teemix interview with lovely Kristen Stewart:


bookishheather said...

They're keeping Taylor on as Jacob! Just announced on Stephenie's website. Woohoo!!

fanpire17 said...

koodos to that
excited galore :D