Thursday, January 1, 2009

Moviefone's Year-End Poll asked vistors to summarize their movie experiences for 2008 with questions like "Which movie was most worth your cash?" and "What was the best chick flick?" Heeeeere were the results:

Which movie was most worth your cash?
-The Dark Knight - 49%
-Twilight - 18%
-Iron Man - 17%
-Sex and the City - 8%
-WALL-E - 8%
Pfft. Twilight was more worth my cash than silly Batboy.

Who was the best villain?
-Heath Ledger ('The Dark Knight') - 86%
-Cam Gigandet ('Twilight') - 8%
-Jeff Bridges ('Iron Man') - 3%
-Cate Blanchett ('Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull') - 2%
-Mathieu Amalric ('Quantum of Solace') - 1%
Ok, I have to admit something to you guys. When I voted on this poll and I arrived at this question, my mouse hovered over James for a second and then it went straight to the Joker and clicked. Honestly, Heath Ledger simply blew my mind when I saw him on the big screen. People say he's overrated. They'd be wrong. He was just so darn talented that everyone is still talking about him. But I'm super glad that Cam came in second, because he was extremely good, too.

What was the best chick flick?
-Twilight - 32%
-Sex and the City - 26%
-27 Dresses - 18%
-Mamma Mia! - 17%
-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 - 7%
YEAH TWILIGHT! I was going to begin to complain that Twilight wasn't a complete chick flick, but considering that the majority of Twilight's audience is female, I suppose it would go under the "chick flick" category. Mamma Mia and 27 Dresses were also pretty amazing chick flicks. =]

Who was the hottest hunk of the year?
-Christian [stinkin'] Bale ('The Dark Knight') - 28 [stinkin'] %
-Robert [shouldawon] Pattinson ('Twilight') - 27 [shouldabeen100] %
-Hugh Jackman ('Australia') - 22%
-Daniel Craig ('Quantum of Solace') - 16%
-Zac Efron ('High School Musical 3') - 7%
Argh, Spunk Ransom took second place by ONE STINKIN' PERCENT. In my honest opinion, Christian Bale is almost as unattractive as Daniel Craig, and Daniel Craig is one unattractive sun of a gun. Both are slightly more attractive than Zac Efron, however, and Zac Efron makes me cringe and yell, "My eyes, my eyes are burning!" Robert Pattinson's hottness and attractiveness triumphs, even over Hugh Jackman, who is much more attractive than Zac Efron, a good deal more attractive than Daniel Craig, and slightly more attractive than Christian Bale. As far as the attract-o-meter is concerned, Robert Pattinson is off the scale and up to Pluto.

Who was the breakout star of the year?
-Robert Pattinson ('Twilight') - 35%
-Jason Segel ('Forgetting Sarah Marshall') - 21%
-Kristen Stewart ('Twilight') - 19%
-Amanda Seyfried ('Mamma Mia!') - 13%
-Miley Cyrus ('Hannah Montana,' 'Bolt') - 12%
Thank god that Robert won this category. I want to see this boy go places, and I think he definitely has that blossom of sheer, genuine talent that Hollywood is in desperate need of. I don't know whoJason Segel is. Kristen was decent but she's been in other films where she's done better. Amanda Seyfried was amazing, amazing in Mamma Mia and I think she should have been right under Rob. Miley Cyrus makes me want to puke.

Who was the best on-screen couple?
-Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, 'Twilight' - 41%
-Seth Rogen & James Franco, 'Pineapple Express,' - 19%
-Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon, 'Four Christmases' - 16%
-James McAvoy & Angelina Jolie, 'Wanted' - 13%
-Paul Rudd & Seann William Scott, 'Role Models' - 12%
There just isn't a better couple than Bella and Edward. Period. =D

Moviefone also had a list of the 50 Best Movies of 2008 and guess what?
They had movies I had never heard of.
And yet Twilight wasn't even mentioned.
I have a theory about that.
Twilight is just too cool to put on any list.

Go here to see some other results, for instance: the movie that was least worth your cash.


fanpire17 said...

I have to be honest in saying that i'm kind of sick of hearing about Miley and Zach and sooooooo happy that Rob, Kristen, and Stephenie made those polls. They most definitely deserve it.

Twilighter said...

Me too, me too.

Roxanne said...

AHAH!! You are so funny!!!
Miley and Zac make me want to kill myself!! They don't even have talent!! I totally agree with everything you said!