Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Want to See Something Ironic?

Sure you do!
Peta2 gave out a bunch of awards. As you've probably guessed, Twilight recieved one, but that's not the strange part.
This is:

The thoughts running through Peta2's mind: Bahhh, so what if the main characters diet on fresh animal blood? So what if the beginning of the movie opens up with an innocent little deer being viciously hunted? So what if there are basically no animals present throughout the entire movie?
Oh, wait. I think there was a bird in one scene.
And wolves that we aren't supposed to know about until the second film.
But whatever. It's popular, it has vampires, it deserves an award and this was the only opening we had.

Heh. I mean, I'm an animal-lover and a Twilight-lover, but I wouldn't put the two things together. XD

Wait, wait I have some more irony for you. Or, at least, some very coincidental news. Robert Pattinson's newest film (Little Ashes) and Kristen Stewart's newest film (Adventureland) both open on the very same day (March 27th).
They did it on purpose because they love each other~!


fanpire17 said...

i think there were actually three animals in the movie...i mean, if you count jacob.

fanpire17 said...

wait...scratch that. jacob didn't become a werewolf until second book, my bad