Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Boy Who Could Have Been Edward...

According to His Golden Eyes, one of the mysterious boys who also tried out for the part of Edward, but didn't do the character justice according to Kristen Stewart, has been unveiled:

Name: Tyler Hoechlin
Known for: Losing out to Robert Pattinson for the part of Edward Cullen!
He's way good looking, there's no denying that,
He's too "pretty boy". I imagine he was probably one of the guys who strolled into the audition, whipped his shirt off, and struck a macho pose.
Thank you, whoever is in charge of casting, for chosing Rob.
I mean, face it, Rob has such a dangerous beauty to him. His features are striking, but they're also unique. Maybe I'm just biased, but when I look at Rob, I see something behind the face, a spark of intelligence and thoughtfulness in the eyes. And the whole mysterious air he's got going for him. And, and, and I could go on...

Tyler should play a werewolf. He has that happy-dog-that-could-snap-at-any-second kind of look. =]
Oh, oh! OR he could play one of the Volturi. Maybe Felix. Because he also has that grrr-look-at-me-i'll-bite-your-head-off-*wink* kind of look. XD

And LOL at people arguing over the Robert vs. Tyler issue.
It's not even an issue because, um, Robert is Edward whether people like it or not.
I think that if Tyler had been chosen to play Edward and Robert was the second runner-up, we would probably be defending Tyler and booing Robert.
Maybe...*shifty eyes*
But basically what I'm saying is that we've associated Robert's face with the name Edward Cullen for so long, we've seen him in the movie, and now most of us just can't picture anyone else as Edward.
I can't.
I love Robert and I'm glad he was chosen as Edward. If Tyler had pale makeup on, golden contacts in, and his hair died bronze and we put his picture next to one of Robert in character, I THINK (I don't know for sure, but I think) that I would have looked at Robert and gone "Well, he looks more like a vampire and while both of these guys are beautiful, Rob's features are something you don't see in Hollywood every day."
The guy has something special about him that no one can seem to describe.
And Edward's character is not all about the "OMG he's HAWT!" Seriously, he's not even supposed to be "hot". "Hot" is the term you use for boys like Tyler, boys who are damn good looking, but not necessarily unique. For an angry superhuman vampire who has been around for a hundred years, the word "beautiful" comes to mind. Beautiful and haunting and frightening and mysterious all at the same time. When you put Rob in makeup, that's what he looks like. And though Edward is supposed to be very good looking, he's also scary. He's one of those people you glance at, shudder, and look away. He's not one of those guys you look at and start batting your eyelashes.
Yay Rob?
And yay Tyler for trying?

*RECENT EDIT: TwiCrack went hunting for more info on this Edward Cullen wannabe. And guess what they found out? Tyler Hoechlin is currently a baseball player! Ah, the irony...and just plain silliness. XD Read about it here!
Thanks to Kelly for the news. ^-^


Anonymous said...

it's the hair.. it could only be Rob! =P

Rhiannon said...

Man, that is a damn good picture of Rob.

fanpire17 said...

I totally agree with you Twilighter, and I heard from an interview with Catherine Hardwicke that as soon as Rob auditioned, Kristen told her that he and he alone is going to play Edward. I thought that was so cool of her. And about the hottness factor, I totally agree, and plus i think he's supposed to be more cold than hot(tehehe)ok, that was not that good of a joke, i know. But anyway, GO ROB

fanpire17 said...

Holy crap i wrote a lot. Sorry guys

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

[looking at rob's picture]

rob 4eva!!

haha i mean like i cant picture anyone as edward too..

caitymae1992 said...

Yeah I looked at that guy and was like he doesn't look like an Edward...he looks like a...I don't know Will or something lol I don't really know. lol Oh well...But yeah Rob is totally the guy for the job. I really don't see anyone else. He's just...uhg...he's Edward! Totally agree fanpire17! you did write a lot! But look at me! :D Okay now I'm just blabbing! Oh and fanpire17 great joke...*sarcastic comment! ;) jk

Twilighter said...

I love it when you guys write a lot (and make bad jokes teehee!). Write a whole page for all I care!

I think we've all been captivated by Rob's Edward. There's no going back, ever.



fanpire17 said...

Hahahahahahahaha-you guys are awesome!!! :) :D :P

Kelly said...

TwiCrack blog was originally the one who posted this article way back on Monday. They've dug up more info on Tyler's current job as a baseball player. How weird things turn out in life!

Read it here! :)

Twilighter said...

A baseball player!
That's pretty funny.
Thanks for the info Kelly! =]

fanpire17 said...

The irony of that is that he was in a movie where he played a baseball player.