Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight...The TV Show?!

Perez Hilton, that annoying gossiping machine, has some highly entertaining news for once:


Tweenies all over are outraged over news of a Filipino version of Twilight for television set to begin production soon.

Actors Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be portraying Edward and Isabella, respectively, in the ABS-CBN production which will treat the vampire love story as "drama, romance, and fantasy."

It will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and is scheduled to begin filming sometime in February, in both the Philippines and abroad.

The news comes as an upheaval to Twilighters across the internet, who have started an online petition to halt production on Takipsilim because it will "ruin the real Twilight."

Oh don't worry, the American money-grubbing sequel is already working on that!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Here's the poster, which almost looks like they simply pasted the heads of these two strangers (they should at least change their names to something more original... like Edwaldo and Bertha) onto the movie's original poster:


I don't even think this is real, to be honest.
But IF it is.
That's all I have to say.
Oh and by the way, people who are critizing it because the actors aren't "white" and because "Twilight isn't meant to be Filipino" - that's downright rude.
I mean, this is utterly ridiculous, but no one has to go around mocking countries and cultures.


Anonymous said...

this is so ridiculous..im a filipino and i dont think its pretty either..i really hate it when tv stations like abs-cbn make their own version of abroad films like twilight,..i am going to tell my dad to stop this if he can (he works there). this is goin to ruin twilight...!!! and rayver cruz?!?! cmon..he's so ugly..

Twilighter said...

I'm glad you think it's ridiclous, too.
I really didn't want to offend anyone who was Filipino. =]
Your dad really works there?
That would be cool if he could stop it, because the whole thing just doesn't make any sense! XP
And yes, that guy is no Edward Cullen. Roflz. The opposite of Edward Cullen.

alice's bff said...

um hello, it has the Mtv logo at the bottom of the poster. its a hoax.

Cheeky J said...
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Cheeky J said...

I just read that this may be a hoax: http://www.yehey.com/entertainment/celebs/article.aspx?id=231529

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