Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twilight is off to Canada and Italy!

In an interview at London's Twilight premiere, Robert Pattinson dished that New Moon will begin filming in March and that they will travel to Canada and Italy:

That's vamptastic to say the least. I'm so excited! =D
A lot of people are taking this to mean that they aren't filming in Washington or Oregon anymore. I doubt that's the case. Don't they have to shoot in Bella's house? At the school? Those will have to be the same or they are going to have some serious issues. Maybe just certain parts will be in Canada, though I can't figure out which ones.
Whatever. I'm too excited to care right now. Hopefully they know what they're doing. ;)


aLLe said...

Hi Selene do you know where they came to film in Italy?

Maddie said...

This confuses me because i found this acting audition thing for new moon and eclpise...and it says for New moon that they are only shooting in LA, Portland and Rome. Dont get me wrong! I would be TOTALLY PSYCHED if Twilight were being filmed in Canada "I am Canadian" :) but its just mixed messages coming at me.

here's the website that shows the auditions and such information:

BillieJoesEntourage said...

My friend told me they're going to be filming the cliff diving scenes and the beach scenes in Canada most likely. So they ARE going to still be filming at the school and at Bella's house and the Cullens and stuff, cause they'd be so stupid not to. It makes me wonder, yeah they want to film in Canada to capture the Forks-like scenery, like in Vancouver, but why can't they just stay in Oregon like they did last time???

BillieJoesEntourage said...

and haha don't get me wrong, I'm Canadian, but I still don't know why...