Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Not a Doll, it's an ACTION FIGURE

Stardoll has come down with a case of Robsessive compulsive disorder (RCD for short) like the rest of the world seems to be doing.
How do I know this, you ask?
Because I made a Rob doll on their site, that's why:

I'm officially frightened for the world.
But at the same time, it was sort of fun in a twisted, creepy way.
Try it, if you dare, by going here.
However, 3/4 of that junk he would never wear. At least I don't think. Scarf things and pinstripe jackets? He could never be that classy. ;]


Riah said...

O.k., like the rest of the wold, im all for the hotness t hat is robert, but to dress him up on star doll.... kinda creepy... it kinda makes me think about ppl walking up to him a going, "Take off your clothes, im gunna undress u and dress you and my mind is content." but even so, i made one to lmaoo

riah said...

until my mind is content... i cant spell for my life... lol

Twilighter said...

It's creepy.
But too good to resist at the same time.