Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephenie Meyer~!

Today is the birthday of the very talented author who gifted us with her wonderful world of Twilight and all of her extraordinary characters. To help her celebrate and to thank her for all her hardwork and dedication, a video was made by a group of fansites to voice the love we have for her characters.
Twilight Series Theories (Emmett and Rosalie):

His Golden Eyes (Edward):

Oh my god, the little toddler at the end was pricelesssssss! Eeeeeee. ♥♥ (Bella):

Twilight Guy (no character, just Stephenie herself!):

Twilight Lexicon (the Volturi):

TwilightMOMS, TwilightTEENS, and Twilight20Somethings (Carlisle and Esme):

These are all the videos I've found so far. I don't know if that's all of them because there isn't a shout out for Jasper and Alice and I don't know if anyone did one for the nomads or the humans. But aren't they beautiful? Great job you guys! =D

Now, if nobody minds, I'd like to thank Stephenie Meyer for her creations:
Stephenie Meyer, you created a world full of characters so rich with personality, so human and yet so mythical, that I wish they would just leap from the pages and into my bedroom. After reading your stories, I couldn't help but peek out my window and wonder if my neighbors were actually vampires, or if a clan of vampires lived in the very forest behind my house. I can't even begin to thank you for deciding to publish a story, that I know means so much to you, so that we could all enjoy it. And I thank your brain for having the dream that started it all...
Bella Swan: I love Bella because genuine and clumsy win over beautiful and graceful any day. ;D
Edward Cullen: I love Edward because he chose genuine and clumsy over beautiful and graceful, and he has more love in him than a man with a heart.
Carlisle Cullen: I love Carlisle because he makes me less afraid of doctors. (but I'm still terrified)
Esme Cullen: I love Esme because she loves everyone.
Emmett Cullen: I love Emmett because what could be a better oxymoron than a vampire clown?
Rosalie Hale: I love Rosalie because even though she's full of herself, she somehow still has room to love her family, too.
Jasper Hale: I love Jasper because I had no choice! (him and his ability to control emotions...*mutters* =P)
Alice Cullen: I love Alice because in a world of vampires, somebody has to know how to dress.
Happy, happy birthday Stephenie Meyer, and I hope you enjoy the holidays to the fullest! Oh, and I hope you keep writing because I'm sure there are more amazing characters in that head of yours just waiting to be brought to the real world in ink.


alice's bff said...

py birthday stephanie!!!! i love you!!!!!

alice's bff said...

oops something went wrong with the key board. let me fix that,

Happy birthday Stephanie!!!
i love you!!!