Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Forget Snow, I Want Twilight News Falling from the Sky!

So sorry about the horrifying lack of news. I've been a bit preoccupied. But I'll assure you that Twilight has always been in my thougths. =)

First and foremost - replacing Taylor Lautner as Jacob?!

This guy, Michael Copon, is one of the actors that Chris Weitz might cast to play older Jacob instead of Taylor. Honestlly, this doesn't bother me that much. Michael truly does look like a buffer version of Taylor. And Taylor was cute as Jacob - but that's about it. However, I would like to see what he is capable of. So I'm torn. But you never know you guys, this could be another of those Robert Pattinson incidents. Twilighters start hating on Michael Copon and then when they finally see him in action, they think he's amazing. Keep open minds, people! Besides, Copon is rather easy on the eyes, if I do say so myself. ;]
Also, MTV is reporting that Ben Barnes is a possible choice to play Aro.

Mmm, yes please. He's pretty and vampiric at the same time. However, I always thought of Aro as an older vampire...
By the way, this dude played Prince Caspien in the most recent Narnia movie. Which I haven't seen yet!! Grrr.

In other news, it looks like the release date for New Moon has been confirmed - yes, already: November 20th, 2009. Suh-weet.

Also, the Twilight movie has grossed $202,653,944 worldwide. Holy Edward!

And I thought this news was particularly entertaining:
Russell Brand was said to be in the running along with Zac Efron, but after Brand perturbed in the Disney kingdom by slamming the Jonas Brothers and their dedication to chastity…he is due to be replaced. Current front runner is the new hotness, Robert Pattinson. With his massive and still growing fan base, Disney wants his appeal to ensure the success of another pirate movie. Fingers are crossed for a 2011 start date.
That's from Hollywood dame. There's another tiny article from My Park Magazine:
Robert Pattinson fans are hoping that Disney will allow their favourite actor to replace Russell Brand in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.
It is alleged that Brand is set to play Jack Sparrow's brother but this could all change before filming starts.

Oh my god. Rob as a PIRATE?! *swoon* That is just about the best thing ever.
And wow. A FOURTH PotC?! Hmmm. That should be interesting. ;P
Haha. I'm excited for more news on this whackiness.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Aro but TAYLOR is Jacob. In a few scenes he put JACOB in our hearts. NO MICHAEL, YES TAYLOR. Taylor earn it, is a better actor.

Angela said...

As soon as I saw Taylor, I knew he would have to be replaced in the next movie. What poor planning. Yes, he was fabulous as the young Jacob, but he certainly doesn't and wont look like 25 by March. It has nothing to do with his acting abilities, just looking the part.

Twilighter said...

I know what you guys mean - both of you!
I'm totally torn in half about Jacob.
I guess we're just going to have to see whoever Chris Weitz picks to play Jacob for New Moon and judge from there.

Silvia : ) said...

Hey Selene! At first, I'm italian. So, sorry for my english >.< I ABSOLUTLY LOVE your name!! It's amazing. I love your blog too! It's always updates! But...why?? Why Summit wants to replace Taylor :( :( :( ?????? I really love him!! My Gosh. I can't believe in it. As Anonymous said: NO MICHEAL, YEEEES TAYLOOOOOOR!!!.
Oh!! I'm Silvia, nice to meet you. Kisses and Hugs. And sorry, another time, for my english. Love

Twilighter said...

Hi Silvia it's so nice to meet you, too! =D Your English is great, dear, don't worry about it!
The reason they might replace Taylor is that he's not big enough to play werewolf Jacob. But he's been working out so hopefully they'll give him a chance!
And thank you for the compliments! ;D

Anonymous said...

They really need to replace Taylor. I mean, I love the kid. He's cute, is great with Twilight fans and the media, but you all need to go back and read New Moon to remember exactly what Jacob becomes. Jacob's gotta be intimidating, not teen guy cute, but manly intimidating with some hawt vibes dancing all around him. OK, so this Copon guy seems to have about 85% of Jacob's look and such. Not bad, and it matches Rob Pattinson in that he's got about 85% of Edward's look. You don't want an overly hot Jacob like Steven Strait or it will water down Edward's hotness.

I'm sounding like one of those Twilight fangirls that arrogant teens like to hate on, so I'll shut up now. ;-)


Twilighter said...

Haha. No, no, I think you're right on about Jacob. It's just that we don't know whether Taylor can actually act intimidating. Maybe he can. Who knows. We'll probably never know. =p

Anonymous said...

you know what i cant believe... that they might cast dakota fanning playing the role of jane... are you frickin joking?! shes only like 8 years old.. and they need someone much darker to b jane... i really dont know the details cause i just saw this when i opened up my internet home page news thingy...

Gitika said...

Well jacob is supposed to be 7 feet tall by till the end of the series.. Taylor is kinda cute but he wont get that tall no matter what.STEVEN STRAIT would be a better choice than micheal in any case.