Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone...

Now that I've gotten my bad pun out of the way...

An exclusive look at the Twilight casts's latest shoot for Teen Magazine's Decemeber 2nd issue:

Um, excuse me, Robert? Can you look any hotter? I don't think so either.

New TV Spot that I'm not watching. Supposedly it has reviews on it. But not from any major magazines. Bad? I don't know. But I'm not expecting the prissy critics to rate it amazing. I usually always enjoy the movies that critics claim are bad. Not that they think Twilight is bad. They secretly like it. And I'm just playing devil's advocate, here. Just because there weren't any top newspaper reviews on there doesn't mean they've rated it already and thought it sucked.

Red carpet stuffz:

Speaking of red carpet stuffz, I have a whole bunch of it just for you:
Rob The Adorable courtesy of Kaleb Nation A.K.A Twilight Guy and the Lexicon:

Watch the red carpet on replay here.
E!Online braved the premiere and snagged some footage here.
TwilightMOMS has their own lovely coverage here, here, and here.
Brief interviews on the carpet from The Hollywood Premiere:

His Golden Eyes has some premiere coverage here.
"I know what you are" scene? Haven't seen it, but here you are:

ReelzChannel is giving their week some bite with Twilight through and through:

Oh snap. I love Twilight. *hugs cast and books and Stephenie and everything Twilight-related*

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