Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Why Does it Sound so Sexy When You Say That?"

Heeeere's Robert Pattinson on MTV's TRL (the show is ending soon, and I'm not surprised because it's the cheesiest thing next to High School Muscial =P). But Rob brings some class back to television:


Anonymous said...

Is the host saying, "Rob Patterson". I wasn't sure, but each time she said his name I cringed because I thought she was saying it wrong!

Anonymous said...

I only watched it for a minute. Sounded like she had an Australian accent, in which case it would sound like Patterson.

Some of those fangirls were embarrassing themselves, lol.


Twilighter said...

Haha, I know. Silly people. I would at least ACT normal if I was being watched by cameras.

Anonymous said...

I was seriously embarrassed for those girls in the audience! Come on ladies--get a grip! Let us bask in all of his Robness without the screaming in the background. I think he would appreciate it as well!