Sunday, November 30, 2008

"This is Rubbish, This is Rubbish"

Seventeen Magazine has some quotes from Robert that I thought were particularly amusing:

"I'm really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it. I'm terrified of crossing streets. I'm also very accident-prone...I think people aim for me."

"I went to do my first big movie when I was 17. I was in South Africa for three and half months, and I was by myself."

"I was just taking out my trash and I had, like, 300 cans of Diet Coke. It was just like, 'How did that happen?' I don't even remember buying them. I also like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My addictions are pretty much the only things I consume."

"I spent a long time trying to figure out how to play [Edward's part] without making a fool out of myself. The whole book is written from Bella's perspective and she's in love with him. I mean, the guy can be anybody — he could be an alien — and you see past everything if you're in love with someone."

"If I go and try to watch a movie by myself I'll be completely transfixed the whole time, concentrating one hundred percent. But if I'm with another person on a date or something, within two minutes I'll be like 'This is rubbish, this is rubbish. We should leave and do something else.' I don't really know why."

"I've got a terrible memory—I end up repeating myself quite a lot. The only thing I can remember is that I'm going to repeat myself!"

"It sounds lame, but I was really concentrating on this job. It was my first American thing so I was pretty focused. I went to Portland for two months before we starting shooting, and I just didn't talk to anybody for ages during the beginning of the shoot. I never went out, but I kind of broke down half way through. I was like, 'Okay, people are starting to think that I'm actually out of my mind now.'"

They also have great quotes from Jackson Rathbone:

"I stay away from Facebook and MySpace. Whenever I go out with a friend, they're like 'I didn't know you had a MySpace.' I don't have a MySpace. There's actually three MySpaces for Jackson Rathbone. I don't know who these people are but they're not me!"

"I got my butt kicked a few times by my sisters. But I grew up so southern that my father would say, 'You take it like a man.' And I'd be like, 'Oh, what? I'm 5!' But it was interesting. My dad always taught me to treat my girlfriends the way I wanted my sisters to be treated by their boyfriends. They always taught me a really wonderful level of respect that's not common these days."

"When it comes to my sisters' boyfriends, I'm either cool with them or my sisters know that I hate them. I'm pretty blunt with them and to the point. Back in high school, there were a couple of boys my sisters had and man, I let them know I didn't like them. I was pretty upfront but my dad always had it right. Whenever my sisters brought them over to the house for the first time, he'd be teaching me how to clean the shotguns."

"I miss Texas so bad. That's the hard part about being out here in L.A., trying to pursue acting and music and lighting and production and stuff. It takes a lot of time out from your personal life, and I can only get back to Texas three times a year at most. It's tough."

"We had a lot of weather issues on the set of Twilight. One day we really needed the clouds to cover the sun, so we started doing a cloud dance, initiated by our director. We started dancing around and the extras really got into it. The entire set was dancing. And a few minutes later the clouds came, so it might've worked."

And, of course, lovely Kellan "Kittlez" Lutz (Kittlez is the nickname I made up for him ^_^):

"I bet on everything. Everything. It's just like, 'I bet you I can spin my chair longer.' Everything, I say 'I bet you.' I love to win."

"To be completely honest, I didn't know Twilight was a book. I thank God for Ashley Greene [who plays Alice Cullen]. She's like, 'Did you read the books?' And I'm like...'What books?' But they were easy reads so it was fine. Emmett's such an easy guy, so it was awesome to play him."

"A lot of girls in L.A. just stand in the corner wondering 'Who's gonna talk to me? Who am I gonna diss?' As for the girls in Arizona, it's just so different. They're like 'You have really cute dimples. You know that?' 'You have really nice eyes.' 'What's your name? Kellan? That's cool, that's unique.'"

"We all have our tastes and our type...[But] for me to say 'You're beautiful', I can only say that to my girlfriend. The word 'beautiful' has such a different caliber than any other word out there, like 'sexy', 'hot', 'cute.'"

"A real turnoff for guys is any girl who is way too into them. Like, you're being way too nice. Guys, as well as girls, like that sense of badness...I want a good girl, who can be a little bad."

"A lot of girls think they have flaws that really aren't flaws. I've never met a girl who was just so secure about everything."

I love how Kellan just talks about girls. XD
Jackson is very down to earth.
Robert is just honest and hilarious. ;D


Anonymous said...

im moving to texas my fav line is "your bloud is like my own personal hariwin" it was a lol mommento lol

Anonymous said...

but hay waht up yay im anonimas my name kristy i LOVE TWILIGHT lol