Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I just got back from my second Twilight extravaganza.
And wow.
It was almost like I was watching a different movie.
If you're a hardcore Twilighter then the first time you go to the film, you're going watch it with a critic's eye regardless of your mindset when you walk in. In those inner corners of your mind, you're constantly comparing what you see on the screen to what you read over and over in the book. It's natural. We can't help it.
But when you see it the second time?
I was able to just sit back and completely immerse myself in the movie. All that comparing and analyzing and questioning just went bye-bye.
All of you who say it's better the second time 'round?
You're so right.
I just loved it. Simple as that.
It was beautiful, it really was.
Do you remember how I said it was extremely choppy? Didn't notice that this time. The cheesiness? Still there a tiny bit, but definitely not as extreme as I previously made it out to be. And the acting and dialogue seemed completely natural.
My dad totally agrees with me. And my mom said it was the same to her because she hadn't read the books when she saw it the first time.
I still can't get over how utterly amazing that baseball seen is. The music and choreography and everything just blows my mind. =D
As soon as Twilight comes out on DVD, I'm grabbing it. Then I can watch it over and over and over. Luckily, it looks like it will definitely be one of those films that I can watch again and again without growing bored. Some of the big ol' films like Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean are spectacular and all, but I can only watch them like once a year.
Twilight will be once a month at least. ^_^

Recent Edit: I almost forgot! I wanted to point out some the details I noticed the second time watching Twilight that I failed to notice the first time:
-Bella and Edward won the "golden onion" in bio after being the fastest ones to complete the lab. She was carrying it when she went to her locker.
-Many of the things from the earlier trailers weren't in the movie. Not surprising, but it's fun to point them out. Edward hunting, Emmett going "come on Edward, she's not one of us". Also, in the most recent trailer, they have a close up of Bella whispering "vampire" and they didn't do that in the movie. Nor did they zoom up on Edward's face when he asked "are you afraid?"
-In one of the cafeteria scenes, Edward throws down some food in disgust. Like "I don't want to pretend to eat this s#$% anymore!"
-I still couldn't catch what Edward said when he came up to Bella during lunch while she was getting her salad. He comes up, says something, then she knocks over the apple. I still couldn't understand what he was saying!
-I didn't catch what Edward was saying when he and Bella were walking to school together and everyone is staring. Turns out he replied to Bella by saying "That guy isn't staring. Oh wait...he just looked." Omg. I love that.
-Edward fixes the dent in Bella's truck. So cute.
-The guy who was killed by the bad vamps was "butt-crack Santa". I didn't realize that the first time. Aw. =[
-When Bella is about to leave with Alice and Jasper for Pheonix, Edward mouths something to her. I couldn't tell what it was, but it definitely was something. Probably "I love you" or "please be safe" or something like that. ^_^
-Before Edward and Bella leave the house for prom, Edward is caring something clear in his hand and I spent a great amount of effort attempting to fathom what it was.
-At prom, I saw Victoria standing by one of the games.
-I noticed that in all the romantic or sweet parts, Bella's lullaby was playing. It's so pretty.
-When James calls Bella and it shows him talking to her, you can see what looks like old tapes or something behind him.
-Edward looks REALLY hot with raindrops cascading down his lovely face. Just thought I'd point that out. ;)
Clearly I need to see this movie a few more times to catch what some of these mysteries are. =p

Tell me what you guys noticed the second time you saw the movie! Or the third or fourth or fifteenth, or whatever.


twilightaddict said...

When Bella's fixing her food at the cafeteria, Edward comes up and says "Edible art?" and then she drops the apple. Thats such a cute scene!

But my favorite scene is definitely the part where Rob is wearing sunglasses and Edward and Bella get out of the car and everyone's staring at them. The baseball scene is also definitely one of my favorites.

Jamie said...

yeah. i asked my cousin to go with me to see it again. so i'm seeing it again, yaay. i loved the baseball scene too.'s soo exciting! and i'm sure i've love it even more. i thought it was pretty choppy too and that bothered me throughout the WHOLE i hope the second time i don't notice it much.

Twilighter said...

"Edible art"
That's great! xD
I also love it when he jumps down from her truck and she's all like "I have neighbors". And then he's like "I'm taking you to my place". Edward just looks so happy and amazing.
You probably won't notice the choppiness the second time around. I certainly didn't, and that's part of what made it better!

suturedfuture said...

It was way better for me the 2nd time too, I was so happy about that. You're definitely right about the critcs eye, you just can't help it the 1st time around. My friend noticed in the 1st Biology scene that the owls wings are positioned perfectly behind Edward, as if he's a dark angel. I've seen the movie 3 times and everytime I miss it, I just happen to look away at that moment, argh!

Anonymous said...



Mariah said...

when they are in the meadow and he is leaning down upon her from the tree right b4 she moves up and he leaps down to do the "im the most deadliest killer, bella" thing, when hes leaning down close i noticed that his hand is flat on the tree and then when it goes further out to look upon the couple only the tips of his fingers are holding him up and then it goes close and his hand is flat again, i noticed this bc i was thinking about how he did hand modleing lol, my third time seeing it.