Monday, November 17, 2008


Holy vampire, Edward!
Is there seriously less than four days until Twilight comes out?
Where have the days gone? *flips frantically through calendar*
I remember like it was yesterday when I was fretting because there were endless MONTHS until the movie came out.
Now we're down to days?
Oh and by the way, I'm really sorry that I haven't been too generous with the news-bringing. I have an excuse, though, I always do.
Now that it's down to the wire, here, I don't want anything more to be spoiled for me. I feel like I've watched half the movie already (even though I haven't, thank god). I want the film to be a surprise through and through. So I've been kind of steering clear of the Twilight news lately. Crazy, I know.
My good friend just finished the first book in the saga and now she's obsessed and flipping over the movie and drooling over Rob with me.
I saw two and a half Twilight TV spots within the span of an hour while absent-mindedly watching That 70's Show.
People who say Robert Pattinson makes an ugly Edward with bushy eyebrows piss me off. You know what? Fine. More for me. They're missing out, I'll tell you that. They're the ones who prefer Zac Efron. *gag* Thank heavens I have mighty good taste in men. Men who are actually men and not women in disguise who have nothing special or unique about them.
I love you, Rob, because you're a lovely ol' guy with special talent that will take you to the stars. ♥
Some people like to be rebels. Just because Twilight is more popular than skinny jeans nowadays, a few people think they have to stand up and boycot it even when they haven't read it, or read it and semi-liked it.
I laugh at them. Fools. ;D
Four days? Can it truly be?
I really want to watch all the videos and listen to all the interviews and stare at all the photos from the Twilight premiere that happened today. But I don't want to be spoiled, and to tell you the truth, I feel a bit overwhelmed by this explosion of Twilightness.
Rob looks tired in his photos. Kristen, too. They need a break. A vacation. Try the African wilderness, you guys. The lions and zebras may recognize you, but they can't scream like fangirls can.
The cast is doing great with all this insanity. I'm proud of them. And I feel extremely bad for them.
I don't consider myself a fangirl of any form. I just want to make that clear. Yeah, I'm obsessed, but in a healthier way. And if I ever met any of the cast or Stephenie Meyer I would shut my trap and make the most of that one in a lifetime chance. Hear them talk, instead of just watching their mouth move.
I'm scared to go to the theaters. What if I get trampled?
I'm bringing a slingshot so that when the movie starts and I hear anyone scream, I can peg them with a rock and shut them up. =D
Hopefully it's not too crowded.
What am I saying? OF COURSE it's going to be crowded!
As you can see, I love to ramble about my insignificant life amidst the Twilight world. ^__^
I never understood the big fuss about Harry Potter. Now I'm part of something almost, if just as, big as that silly wizard boy. It's weird. I fell in love with Twilight a couple of years ago, when nobody knew it's name. Now it's like a god to all these worshippers and I'm like...huh. *bow*
Well. I've finished my homework. It's late. Another day gone. Another day closer to Twilight.
How awesome is this?
I hope it's good. I don't have many doubts.
Good-night. =]


Rhiannon said...

I get to go see it tonight!!! I have sneak peek passes!!!

Twilighter said...


Caitlin said...

you guys and girls are way lucky u already have twilight out at the cinemas i have to wait 17 more days ........17 MORE DAYS.........