Friday, November 21, 2008

Off to See the Vampires, the Wonderful Vampires of Twilight!

In a few hours, at least. =D

This morning my friend - who went to the midnight showing - called me over.
"...No way. You're freaking kidding me..."
"No, it was so bad! So cheesy! So, so bad!"
"Um, no."
And then I was depressed for the the next few hours.

Then a girl in my French class said the movie was mediocre.
Better than "omg totally suckish", right? =[

Then in the hallway, this girl said it was really good.
"Really? It was good? Because I heard it sucked!"
"No, I thought it was good. In depends on your mentality when you go in the theater."
That got my hopes up a tiny bit.

Then I came home and looked on Rotten Tomatoes. 44% was the rating. Um, ugh.

And then, looking for some infintesimal ray of satisfaction, I went on the Lexicon, TwilightMOMs, and His Golden Eyes. What did I see?

OMG so good!
Loved it!
It was great!
So much better than I expected!
Way worth it, guys!
So awesome, Rob was HOT!
Rough around the edges but really, really great overall!
Some parts were cheesy but that's part of what made it good!
I didn't expect it to be good, but I was pleasently surprised!
Some of the lines the actors delivered bugged me, but I loved the movie!
Different, but SO WONDERFUL!
Rushed. But beautiful!
Some parts weren't in the film from the book, and I wanted to see those, but everything that was in the movie was lovely!
I liked it a lot!

Thank god. Fans seemed to have liked it for the most part. Now my excitement for this thing is back.
Wish me luck, Twilighters.
I'll give you my review tomorrow, fo shizz.
I hope I like it, and I have a feeling I will even if it isn't so great. I'm not expecting anything wonderful. In fact, I'm expecting a mediocre flick that has been given a god-like and glowing exterior from all the hype surrounding it.
I think I will be satisfied by the end. ^____________^


Anonymous said...

This will sound impossible, but it sucked and I liked it. I was entranced the entire time, seeing the cinematic revealing of the book I had obsessed over. So, yeah.

- S.

Amy said...

I saw it last night, and going again this morning to a Lexicon event. I had the same reaction as I did with Goblet of Fire - there was so much more that could've been in there. But you have to separate the book from the movie - because the movie could never make us feel like the book. But my gosh - Rob was awesome as Edward. And I'm actually looking forward to seeing it again today - I think I'll like it more because now I know what to expect. BTW - my niece and her boyfriend went with me - neither of which have read the books - and they loved it and my niece now loves Edward like I do. So that makes me happy. I hope you like it!