Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jumbo Twilight

Yesterday I piled together a bunch of interviews and Twilight news in one jumbo post. I'm going to do the same today. =)

E!Online had an interview with Robert. Have you noticed all these interviews lately have the exact same Twilight background? It's weird. And yes, I'd be sweating up a storm if I had to be under bright lights in so many different places, too. So shush.

Let's hear from one of the naughty vamps, yes? ReelzChannel seemed to be thinking the exact same thing when they interviewed loveable Edi Gathegi A.K.A Laurent.


Cupcake072292 said...

Robert...*sigh* lol omg so yesterday i waited 15 hours in a mall to see Robert and it was so totally worth it. He is even more gorgeous in person! its ridiculous! lol

Anonymous said...

I am completely jealous. And yes--he is ridiculously beautiful. Ahhh.

Cupcake072292 said...

He is! and they asked him how he gets his hair to look the way it does and he said he get twelve year old virgins to lick it... lol!!!Cor

Twilighter said...

15 hours? wow!
everyone says he's more gorgeous in person. how is that even possible?! ;D
omg, that's the most hilarious thing i've ever heard. XD

Cupcake072292 said...

Trust me. Its possible. lol i couldn't take alot of picture because i had to just stare at him! I couldn't take my eyes away! It was ridiculous!