Sunday, November 9, 2008

"It's so Obsessive"

Variety had a nice, thoughtful chat with Robert Pattinson (who else?):

Beauty and brains. This man has it all. It's quite refreshing, really, how quiet, thoughtful, and relaxed he is compared to some other actors. He has a lot of things in common with Edward Cullen's character, even if he doesn't believe it. It's funny when he was talking about the very likely possibility of a New Moon movie how opposite his opinion on Edward's absence is from what Melissa Rosenburg said in her interview below. While she said that there would need to be clips of Edward tracking, sitting alone in his room, doing whatever without Bella, Robert said the story wouldn't be as powerful if the audience didn't also have to live through Edward's absence, only to be smothered in releif when the Cullens make a comeback in the end. The thing is, I agree with both of them. Oh boy. I wonder how it's going to work. ;D

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