Thursday, November 6, 2008

"It Tasted Like Ambrosia"

One of the most amazing interviews with Robert Pattinson is being posted at here, along with a Stephenie Meyer interview that I haven't watched yet. I think Robert's interview has another part, or maybe even two, coming up, so keep your eyes peeled.
Is anyone else finding themselves constantly intrigued by the answers this boy gives to the simplest of questions? His words never cease to amaze me. Neither do his looks, beanie and all.
I wish he was my friend. Seriously, that's all I'm asking - that we could be acquaintances, just so I can joke around with him and have endless discussions about nonsense and hear his accent that makes me go green with jealousy. We could talk about cheeseburgers. Or libraries. Or weight-lifting. Or aliens. Or even Kristen, since he always has to mention her name at least twice an interview. ;D

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Anonymous said...

I could be a true friend! And I would only scream and clap as he walked in the room if he asked me to. Heck, I would even volunteer to do all of his errands and housework for him, so he could just concentrate on being Rob! Now that's a true friend!