Thursday, November 20, 2008

If You Could Live Forever...What Would You Live For?

Before all of you lucky sons of vampires dash off to the theater for the 12:01 showing of Twiiiliiight, I'd just like to wish you all luck with battling the crowds, a safe journey, and I hope you have one helluva of a time!
Admit it - you're all just as giddy as Robert is about this thing. ;D Don't you find it funny that Rob's the one pulling a fangirl squeal/laugh and Kristen is the one rolling her eyes at him and telling him to shut the hell up?
They look like twins in this picture. Biker twins, not vampire twins.
Enjoy your two hours of the Edward and Bella bliss we've been waiting months for and try not to swoon. Tell me how it is! :D (but no spoilers :K)

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