Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Don't Deserve It!

Why is my pathetic excuse for a site included within the top ten on Twilight Topsites?
I've been asking myself the same question.
This isn't even a site. It's an ugly blog where I can vent all my Twilightful emotions that no one cares about.
And Twilight news, too, but every Twilight site does that.
I don't deserve to be on there.
So just ignore me. Okay?
Thanks. =p


Amy said...

To quote our favorite southern vampire: "You're wrong you are worth it."

I have really enjoyed your blog and you are one of the few that I keep up with. I love your commentary and appreciate your loyalty to this wonderful series. And, it's always fun to share in the Robsession!

Anonymous said...

You are soo worthy! Ditto to what Amy said. :)

- S.

Dana said...

I will not just ignore you, you are where I get all of my Twilight news. You update me on everything Twilight and Rob. That's awesome. (:

Twilighter said...

Aw shucks, you guys are so sweet. xD

Anonymous said...

Don't be so modest!! You're website is wonderful. It's the first place I go to get my Twilight (and Rob Pattinson) updates! Plus--you are hilarious :) You're review of the Twilight movie was spot on!! Keep it up!!