Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freaking Out~!

For many reasons, but here are three in particular:

Numero un: TWILIGHT TOMORROW! (I'm not going to the midnight showing. Honestly, my history teacher can hardly handle it if our posture is slightly off. If I fall asleep during that class, it's my head.) Yes, I know that was practically a given. =D

Numero deux: School tomorrow. No, I'm not dreading my French quiz. Or sitting through math class. Or heated discussions in A.P. English. I'm dreading those darn lucky Twilighters that I know who are going to the midnight showing without me. If they blab, I will kill them. And by kill them, I mean slap them and possibly cuss at them. And then slap them again. The only Twilight movie related information I will allow is if it was good or bad.

Numero trois: Speaking of good and bad - people's opinions affect me more than they should. Even if those opinions are not based off any decent knowledge and those opinions happen to originate from a Twilight-hating perspective. For instance, some of the reviews I've been guiltily reading say some pretty harsh things: bad acting, repetitve story line, monotone, feminist, dreary, dull through and through, something that would be produced by a child's hands, and basically lame.
What? =[
But as I began to think about it, I realized that I was never expecting Twilight to receive a bunch of praises from critics. Critics...they criticize. That's their job. They are not a part of the Twilight love, they have most likely not even read the book, and they feel they must be rebels because all these squealing teenagers are obsessed.
I'm a fan. You're a fan. We've read Stephenie Meyer's creations and we've fallen head over heals in love. We've been looking forward to this movie. We WANT to see it because we believe in our hearts that it will be good, not because we get paid to sit through a bunch of movies and rate them.
Twilight was a low budget movie. Catherine Hardwicke is not a famous director. Summit had no idea what they were getting themselves into. And yet, you can tell every single member of the cast put their utmost effort into this thing. They liked the story and they wanted it to be amazing. Once the size of their audience struck them, I can only imagine that they tried even harder, went over-budget, reshot scenes.
So what if the special effects don't match the quality of Iron Man? So what if the acting isn't Shakespearan? Twilight the book didn't have any of those things. It didn't even have images so we could envision what was happening. We fell in love with Twilight because of the story and the characters and the romance. I have a feeling Twilight the movie is going to reflect those key aspects. And if it does, I'm pretty sure I will love it.
Those critics have no idea how badly some of us want to watch this movie. If they had that same passion, I'm sure their reviews would turn out a bit differently.
And who said they were all bad? I read some good ones. EW gave it a B, which is pretty darn good by their standards, even if they did call it repetitive. Blame the book for that one. And we didn't think the book, a much more extended version, was long and boring. Nope.
Besides. Rob is gorgeous. That's something all in itself. Even if I hate the movie, I'll get to stare at him.


bookishheather said...

I'm going to the midnight showing and I can't wait!! Damn the critics-the only opinion that matters is our own. We've waited long enough for it to come out, and it will be amazing. Can't wait to hear what you (and others) have to say. :)

Rhiannon said...

I saw it and I liked it! Rob makes an awesome Edward. He is hot! You could just stare at him for 2 hours and it would be a great movie! I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil. I will wait until you post your review.

Twilighter said...

Yep yep, us Twilighters are all that matters. ;D
I'm super super excited to see it.
I'll probably post my review of it right after I see it Friday at 10:00 pm. And it will probably be long. ^__^
I'd love to hear what you guys think, too!
And I'm so glad you liked it Rhiannon. =)

Anonymous said...

Woot!!! I can't wait. :)

bookishheather said...
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bookishheather said...

So after waiting in line for four hours, I have to say that Twilight was good, but there were a few things.... (1) the background music was loud and didn't always fit the action on-screen, and (2) I had some serious moments where I wondered "why would you replace the original lines with this?" I loved the actors and their chemistry, and am looking forward to seeing what they do with Book 2. I'd be curious to see how others felt.