Monday, November 3, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

...*drum rolls by*
And now, I present to you the results from my two latest polls for the month of October, a month that is now behind us. They weren't surprising, I'll give you that much:

The final Twilight trailer...
Awesome! - 50
Gave me a bit of hope. - 20
It sucked - in a bad way. - 6

I expected as much after the awed cries of "OME" could be heard around the word from outer space. One of those cries probably came from my own mouth, though I don't exactly remember because the sheer awesomeness of those few minutes of clips had blown my mind to smithereens.

Robert Pattinson...
He's a real life Edward! - 468
He's just a lame wizard. - 54

Pah, lame wizard! How about amazing wizard, and even more amazing vampire? Or maybe we should just call him GOD from now on, yeah?

I don't know what my next poll is going to be. I'm going to make it up on the spot. Just remember to vote, I love recieving opinions from people around the globe! =)

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