Friday, November 28, 2008

Bite Me, Robert!

You have to imagine I'm saying that with a pathetic British accent. ;D
I posted a tiny clip earlier of Robert and Taylor on Tyra's show where Tyra, the lucky fool, got to experience Edward Cullen for herself. Now we've got the full show in two parts right hurr:

Oh wow. Just wow. I have so much to say about this.
First of all - how cute are those boys?
Second - how lucky is Tyra?
Third - how much would you bet that Robert's going to scavange through Tyra's reruns for the episode where she's a stripper?
I love Taylor's reaction when he recieves his "Team Taylor" thong. Whoever made those is either insane, they're just plain insane. And then Robert just smiles and wraps his "Team Robert" thong around his hand. Hahahaha.
Taylor does have nice teeth doesn't he?
And that second part is just plain embarassing. Poor girls. It makes for good television, though. I know I was entertained. =P But if I was on national TV and Robert and Taylor were judging me in a Twilight pie fight, I know I would surpress every urge I had and NOT freak out like that and make myself look like a fool in front of a couple of hotties. I would, however, hug Robert. Aside from the pie all over her face, that blonde girl is one lucky duck.
I wonder if that's really the actual car from the set.
Somehow I doubt those kind of Volvos are very unique.
I love how Robert comes out and says "I'm so sorry I'm making you girls do this." Honestly, I would say the exact same thing.
I think if I ever met Robert Pattinson, I wouldn't want it to be in front of millions of viewers. I want to walk by him on a street somewhere and go "Hey, you know, you are one amazing actor!", give him a hug, and keep walking. He needs a sense of normality to return to his life. And I think he needs to be praised for something other than his hair and good looks. His undying talent, for instance. =) Actually, it would be super fun to sit down and have a thoughtful interview with him. I think I'm going to be a reporter for my first job.

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Anonymous said...

Lol im a twilight fan, so is my mum...its really funny seeing chicks scream so much...over other...umm.. must admit taylor has a look to die for... lol...very lucky...and should i say.... rich...young men lol being 19 myself...yummy.. haha